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Our Financial Journey – Part One

All through my twenties I figured "It doesn't matter - I'll have my shit sorted by the time I'm 30!" Not sure how I thought I would have said shit sorted, when I was doing nothing at all about getting it sorted!! And by shit - I'm mostly talking about money, financial...

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My intentions for 2017 – My three words

I have often chosen a specific word to guide my focus and intention into a new year and last year, thanks to a tip from Katie Wyatt and some seriously powerful inspiration from Chris Brogan I decided to choose THREE WORDS. Last year my words were FOCUSED, ENERGISED...

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Why my WHY isn’t all about my kids

First let me just say how excited I am that I can say KIDS! Ok so two are still cooking, but I love them already and can't wait to meet them early next year. I LOVE being a Mum. But being a Mum has never defined me and even when Aston was only a few weeks old I knew I...

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Five Big Takeaways from #arftulbizcon

Has it really only been three and half weeks since I was in a room with 90 amazing business ladies (and a few good men too) spending two days being inspired and learning about running a creative, passion driven business!? It feels like it was just yesterday and it...

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