Marketing 101 For Creative Business – eBook

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A jargon free guide to Small Business Marketing

Being constantly asked the question “How do I get the word out?” or “How do I market myself better?” or “Why isn’t anyone coming to or staying on my website?” Robyn Kyberd and I teamed up to help you figure out your marketing strategies for your creative business.

The thing is, getting word out is not the part you should be worried about, good marketing is about so much more than that.

What you should be thinking about is:

  • Why aren’t the people that do know about me buying more of my products/services?
  • How can I improve my offerings to better serve those people who are already buying from me?
  • How can I find my ideal customer and speak directly to them?


This book will explain marketing in a way that makes it easy to take action in your business. Losing all the marketing jargon and giving you simple steps to  help you get the word out about your business!

With activities and action steps this book is about educating you AND guiding you through implementing change in your business.


9 reviews for Marketing 101 For Creative Business – eBook

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