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10 Easily Implementable Marketing Strategies – even if you hate selling

by | Apr 9, 2019 | 0 comments

10 Easily Implementable Marketing Strategies – even if you hate selling

by | Apr 9, 2019 | 0 comments

Selling can be uncomfortable for many business owners – thing is Marketing has a lot more to it than the typical ‘Sales Call’. Here are ten easily implementable marketing strategies to help you grow your business – even if you HATE selling!


1. Consistency is KING

Don’t feel bad if you’ve struggled with this in the past – I fall off the wagon all the time!

But it is proven to me over and over again that the businesses who are the most successful are the ones who show up over and over again.

Don’t try and do all the things all the time, because that is just setting yourself up for failure.

Instead flex your consistency muscle by simply committing to ONE THING and make it a non-negotiable.

It might be a weekly email or a daily Instagram post. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you show up and do that thing, without fail, your audience will learn to expect it and they will anticipate it.


2. Share your blog posts and your products on Pinterest

Spend an hour or two and add as many images (with links back to your website) as you possibly can to Pinterest. If you can add some words to the graphic to make it stand out well that’s a bonus!

Pinterest is an overlooked platform when it comes to spreading the word about what you do, but if you can start sharing all your posts and products to Pinterest you will see some traffic increases.

There are loads of guides and tips on how to best leverage Pinterest so if you fall in love with the platform I urge you to check those out, but for now just get over there and share some images!

TIP – I’ve been creating images to share in Instagram stories and these portrait style graphics are GREAT on Pinterest.


3. Share LIVE videos

Did your palms get sweaty as you read that one?! Yeah live video makes me nervous too – but it has REACH like nothing else on social media right now.

When you go LIVE on Instagram for example, everyone who follows you gets a little notification to say “This person is live now”.

It also helps you to refine your message and your brand by allowing you to share your story with your audience and get feedback in real time.

Start small and just offer up a 1min video about what you are working on today.


4. Share a pic of yourself!

I know many of you are uncomfortable about #selfies but if you don’t want to #sell to your audience, you at least better get comfortable sharing with them.

You don’t have to talk about yourself much, or share pictures often if it makes you uncomfortable, but once in a while let your customers and your followers see the face behind the brand.

Trust me – they’ll love it!

5. Make it about your message, not about you

Ok, so this seems in total contrast to the tip before but it’s not. If the spotlight feels uncomfortable, the key is to get really passionate about promoting YOUR MESSAGE.

Talk about WHY you do what you do, why it matters to you, why you do it better than others, what problem you are solving and why you care. Get ranty about it!


6. Pay attention to your SEO

SEO can be overwhelming and you can certainly spend as much time and money as you have avaliable if you decide to fall down the SEO rabbit-hole. I am NOT advocating that at all. But if you are blogging, writing product descriptions and have any kind of a website, you should be paying attention to your SEO and implementing some basic level strategies.

Yoast SEO is a great free WordPress plugin that can help you boost the SEO of your pages and posts. It offers helpful guidance on where you can improve each page, post, or product description. it’s awesome for beginners through to experienced SEO agents

Check out this post by Robyn at Optimise and Grow for some more easy to implement tips – Top 10 DIY SEO Tips.


7. Show the process and your ‘behind the scenes’

Authentic Marketing is a bit of a buzz phrase at the moment but these become popular because they work. People want to see the realities of how you work, your creation process, what your desk looks like and even what’s in your fridge!

Tracy Harris at Mum’s With Hustle did a podcast episode last year on what people do and don’t want to see on your Instagram stories. A lot of what she shared was applicable across all social media and a BIG part of what people had told her they wanted to see more of was real life and behind the scenes.

If you are creating beautiful products this is even bigger! Show us the raw materials, the mess along the way and the tools and equipment you use to make your creations. Your audience will LOVE this and be more excited about your finished product – without you feeling like you’re selling at all.


8. Share your wisdom

Get out there and teach people the skills and knowledge you have. Teach a workshop or a webinar and let people learn what you do and how you do it.

Many makers shy away from this because “if I teach them how to crochet, they won’t buy MY crocheted items”. Often you’ll find the exact opposite is true. You will be showing people just how hard your craft is and giving them a new appreciation for your level of talent, but you are also positioning yourself as an expert in your craft.

Whether your craft is crochet or Facebook advertising you will not give all of your knowledge away in one workshop and you will find that teaching brings a new audience to you and raises your profile in your industry – again without selling at all.


9. Ask for feedback and SHARE it

Make a habit of asking your customers for feedback on your products or services and then share that with your audience.

Social proof is a powerful persuasion tool for anyone interested in your products but not yet over the line and it’s a good way to talk about the features and benefits of what you offer without it coming from you.

I can’t speak enough to how powerful the experience of being at Artful Events is – both the learnings shared and the connections made. But when I talk about it it always feels and sounds like “a sales pitch” – of course I’m going to say it’s the most connected and welcoming business conference in Australia, because I want you to buy a ticket.

But if you hear the same comments from past attendees (and the more the better), it suddenly seems more credible.


Elle is a magician. I can give her the most childlike stick figures of a sketch and she comes back with a painting. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about making one system talk to the other, graphics for a launch, or putting the funnel together, this girl has the Midas Touch

Stasha Washburn

The Period Coach

10. PRACTICE talking about your work

I run two free Facebook communities, one for the Artful Business Community and one that works as a funnel for this brand.

The second one,Fierce Entrepreneurs is made up of female business owners and women who are actively looking to marketing themselves and their brand.

On Promo day inFierce Entrepreneurs the feed is alive with all kinds of posts, offers, promos and free opt-ins.

By contrast, in the Artful Business Community group Promo Day is the quiestest day of the week. There are crickets!

I want to really encourage you to use these closed communities to PRACTICE talking about yourself, your work and why you stand out from the crowd.

Because like so many things in life, the more you do this the better you will get at it. You will find the words that feel good (and the ones that don’t). You’ll get to see what people react to and what sparks the interest of your target audience. And I promise you, it will get easier and easier the more you do it!


Let me know what your top marketing tip is in the comments.

I hope you’ve found these ten tips helpful.

If you would like to get some one-on-one advice or discuss how you can implement some of these strageties in your business I am currently offering all community members a FREE 20 min marketing strategy session with yours truely.