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Regain time and energy in your day with these 3 tips

by | Apr 30, 2019 | 3 comments

Regain time and energy in your day with these 3 tips

by | Apr 30, 2019 | 3 comments

Each of these tasks can feel counterintuitive, it takes TIME to set these things up and as you’re building new habits it can feel slow and like your wading through thick mud. But trust me, each of these three tips will see you regain time and energy in your day and in your business as a whole.

Make TEMPLATES where you can.

👉 Create canned emails (just a fancy way of saying templates for emails you write often)

👉 Set up a Canva template for your blog images and social graphics so you can just update and go

👉 Get Asana to repeat weekly tasks so you don’t have to remember them all AND you aren’t creating them yourself.

👉 Have a swipe file of your best offers – start a google doc or word doc and save the great copy you wrote about that offer in on your page or on the last offer day, build the stock pile so you aren’t starting from scratch each time.

Think about other places you can CREATE TEMPLATES in your business. Nothing better than skipping the whole “blank white page” moment because you are working from a great template.


Consistency is Sexy – but also effective

It must be, because Katie Wyatt said so! She also gave us amazing examples of how choosing ONE thing and committing to doing it with unwavering consistency can be a game changer for you and your business.

We all know this, but often the tasks of showing up regularly and doing ALL the things not only feels daunting, but is actually impossible. Katie took that overwhelm away by encouraging everyone to be consistent with ONE thing – not everything. Then build from there.

Plan your day, the day before.

Plan your week, the week before

The best way to set yourself up for an amazingly productive Monday morning is to have your TO DO LIST ready and waiting on your desk. We often spend half the morning trying to decide what jobs we need to do first, and this not only takes time, but a surprising amount of energy and brain power.

You need to eliminate this opportunity to procrastinate and set yourself up, ready to go, the week before.

The key to a useful and successful list, is to keep it short!

This month I have been trying to spend the last 10 min of each day writing a list for the following work day. Making sure I keep it to only 5 or 6 items long.

But I have found it is even more important to do this at the week’s end, so you are set up in the right mind frame at the start of your new week.

Monday mornings tend to have the power to set the tone for the week ahead.

The more efficient, organised and relaxed I am on a Monday, the better the week is on a whole. Spending the time to prioritise what you really need to achieve the following week also allows you to mentally prepare for the tasks at hand.

Limit yourself to set the top 5 or 6 things that need doing the following week.

You are likely to get more than 5 things done, but how often do you start something and you realise you have to fix something else to get the task you started done properly.

Your internal to-do lists are likely miles long but they are also unrealistic and unachievable. This leads to you to feel deflated and guilty for having not worked harder (no matter how hard you worked).

In comparison, crossing items off, or even getting to the end of the list, leaves you feeling inspired and energised! Then you can do more – but it’s all a bonus.

And you can be confident you’ve done the important work first because your list is planned and considered.

Try implementing one of these tips and let me know how you get on.


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