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Back in April last year I wrote a quick post with my 9 Top Tips for Your Market Stall. It is WAY and above the most popular post ever on the site. You can check it out here if you haven’t already.

Today I wanted to share with you 9 more tips.

Take time to meet the other stall holders

Sometimes the most important people for you to connect with are not the shoppers, but the other stall holders. These people are not only potential customers as well, but they could become an amazing network of support and inspiration for you as well. It can be tricky if you are manning your stall alone but it is important to make an effort to get around to the other stalls and introduce yourself.

Be early

This leads on from the last point, even if it doesn’t take you long to set up for the day I encourage you to get to the event as early as possible. Get your stall ready and if you have spare time before the event opens to shoppers use this time to have a look around at other stalls and meet some of the other makers.

This will also mean you have time to grab a coffee or a cold drink and feel much more relaxed by the time the shoppers start flowing in.

Have something for the kids

You are going to win over all the parent shoppers if you can help them distract the kids, even if just for 20 seconds. If you have ever done a market I am sure you have seen the frazzled mum who clearly wants to look at your stock but who has a little person pulling their attention away. If you have something available for the kids it help mums and dads spend money with you.

It doesn’t need to be anything expensive, and I would recommend it not being sweets as some parents aren’t keen on lollies. It can be as simple as a business card with a bright picture on it, or a colour in picture printed on ordinary paper, maybe a balloon. Anything that holds their attention and keeps their fingers away from the tables will help the parents relax.

Second Chance Coasters by ReCreated Co

Second Chance Coasters by ReCreated Co

Have stock – and plenty of it

This seems like an obvious one but it is often where people fall down as far as markets go. And trust I learnt this lesson the hard way myself.

If you only have a few items people usually won’t buy them – I don’t know the psychology behind it but I am sure there is some. If your table is mostly bare shoppers won’t want to take what’s left. You need to have plenty of stock if you want to make sales.

Match your branding

If you are selling eco friendly, up cycled items make sure your overall look and your packaging reflects that. If your items are pink and girly a black plastic bag could be off-putting to shoppers.

Also think about your overall branding – if you have a website and the colours you use a light and fresh, try and use the same colours when setting up your stall. This might only be subtle but it build strong brand awareness, especially if you are handing out cards and shoppers go looking for you on line.

Modiblocks by Red Fox Ink

Modiblocks by Red Fox Ink

Research ways to display your product

If you are having trouble getting your stall to look amazing spend some time on google images browsing ideas. If you sell shirts google “Market stall set up, shirts”. You will be amazed by the hundreds of thousands of images you will find.

See what stall set ups you like and don’t like and how you can improve your set up. Often you will find innovative ideas you might not have thought of.

Make it a mini shop front

Think about your stall as a mini shop front. How important would appearance, signage and cleanliness be if you were running a brick and mortar shop – the same attention to detail is important for your market stall.

Make sure your logo, and business name are visible and easy to read. Make sure your first impressions impress and intrigue customers to keep looking and if you have multiple ways of taking payment be sure to say so on a sign so shoppers are aware of their options.

Remember to act professional and friendly towards your customers too – your attitude will say more about your brand than anything else.


Robyn from Bespoke Store

Smell Good

This is not an essential obviously but it will help you stand out from the crowd. If it safe to do so consider having a sweet smelling candle at your stall, wear light perfume yourself or even just place a fresh bunch of flowers on your stall. Don’t use strong oders as some people are very sensitive to certain smells.

Follow up on any info collected

I mentioned in the original post that is part of what makes a market valuable is not just direct sales, but in gathering contact details from potential shoppers and/or media people.

If you do collect information make sure you use it. If you are putting peoples names on an email list be sure to send an email soon after the market. If you don’t have a list but you collected some information from people interested in your work at least send them a quick note to let them know your contact details, any social media profiles you have and how they purchase from you between markets.

Do you have any tips to add? Share them in the comments below.

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