Katie Wyatt is not only a good friend of mine, she is an amazing business coach, successful podcaster & podcast trainer for The Wellness Couch (Australia’s leading wellness & lifestyle podcast network).

She runs her business as a side hustle still, while working full time as a business coach and mentor in the not-for-profit sector.

Chatting with Katie Wyatt was so much fun – we actually recorded this a few months back so both of us have moved forward since our chat but the story Katie shares is gorgeous and the big chat we have is all about why podcasting could be a powerful tool for your business.

Katie talks about why podcasting is such a powerful and intimate medium to connect with your listeners and build a relationship of trust.

After running her podcast The Wellness Entrepreneur, Katie has some beautiful tips on how to get started and build a podcast. Some of her advice includes;

  1. Listen to podcasts – you need to enjoy the medium to be successful using
  2. Work out what you want to purpose of the podcast to be and how it fits into your business model
  3. Commit to a consistent schedule (something I am hoping to nail in 2016)