Today I am chatting with the fabulos Katie Wyatt again for another episode of #LadyBoss Chats. We both had a very disrupted month in March, which mean not too much work got done at all. Today we are sharing with you our stories around that, what that meant for our business and how we are managing getting back into the swing of things – picking up the pieces as we go!

Things we talked about:

  • Katie shared the mindset tricks that taking a break from business (even a scheduled one!) had on me
  • Katie talked about using external deadlines and why that works for her but might not work for me. This is based on Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies quiz Katie is an obliger, while I am a rebel!
  • I talk about her very unexpected curveballs that interrupted her business life and why I was so grateful I could ignore business for a while
  • We talk about the importance of giving yourself a break and being kind
  • We talk about the need for support during the dark times
  • We both shared the different strategies and tools we are using to help us get back into business mode and catching up on things.

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