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I didn’t really have to read this to confidently tell you it’s good.

Jenn Lee is one of those people who inspires me, motivates me and she is the kind of super awesome I hope to be one day.

I loved her first book The Right Brain Business Plan. It was one of those “God, I wish I wrote that!” kinda of books. She talked abut business planning and running a business in a way that makes so much sense to me and other creatives.

She took all the business stuff and made it relatable, fun and not only easy to understand but enjoyable!

Now with her second book, Building Your Business the Right Brain Way, she goes a few steps further. It takes the ideas and principles she talked about in her first book and develops them. She looks at ways of building a long term, sustainable business that is not only successful but manageable and that makes you happy and fulfils you.


Instead of goal setting and business planning she talks about Defining your Own Success. Instead of marketing she talks about Finding your Tribe and Clarifying Your Core Message. She talks about making the money in ways that are authentic and empowering, instead of icky.


Jenn talks about Tending your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and she does so in a beautifully intelligent and relatable way. Not too mention the pretty play sheets she includes all the way through.


This book is an awesome resource for anyone in business but if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or just not sure where to focus next this book will help you get clarity and take action.

But, before you rush off and buy a copy I have one to giveaway.

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Entries close June 9th and the winner will be announced June 10th.