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I first heard about #365grateful about a year ago and since then I have kept a daily Gratitude Journal. Late last year I started sharing photos on Instagram as well. Now I am going to share them here on the blog as well.

The 365 Grateful Project was started by blogger, photographer co director of You Can’t Be Serious, Hailey Bartholomew back in 2008. She started in an attempt to fight off depression – you can read all about it here. Hailey, along with husband Andrew have since put together a book “365 Gratefuls” and are working on a documentary. Check out the hashtag #365grateful on instagram to get an idea of how many people have joined in this wonderful project.

I found this exercise helped me focus on the good stuff. Even when you are having a shit day, the challenge to find something into to be grateful for makes you realise, things really aren’t that shit at all!

Instead of writing a post everyday I am going to write a Daily Grateful post once a week with the seven things I am most grateful for each week.

the silly-ness of my family and the fun we have!

having a bedroom full of beautiful art

my second home and the people who live there

house-sitting a farm and looking after some cool animals

the friendship that has already blossomed between these two

Each Monday I’ll be posting 7 images and or words about what makes me smile each day. If you want to join in feel free to tag pics on Instagram or twitter with #dailygrateful or #365grateful. Or maybe just keep a private journal like I did in the beginning.