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Wow 2014 has been a whirlwind of awesome-ness so far and the good times seem to just keep rolling on!

This week dear friends of ours hosted their engagement party, which meant I got to catch up with old friends, some I hadn’t seen in over a year. We spent a wonderful night with best mates and laughed a lot over some great food and good wine!

One recurring  theme in my #dailygrateful journal last year was the amazingly loving people in my life. I feel blessed everyday to have such good friends and family around me all the time.

This week I am grateful for;

my dear friend who bought a bottle of Moet and a whole lot of support to watch me get my tattoo.

 that Aston met Jed and loves him as much as I hoped.

 the joy in this boys face, and the joy that brings me!

 the time I am taking to rediscover my love of drawing and other arts.

COFFEE! Every morning I am grateful for coffee!

 Aunty Kel and her magical way with Aston Jude.

 the beautiful, loving, strong, amazing women in my life!

 Seriously fucking loves those ladies! 

Are there people in your life you are most grateful for?