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I am working on an exciting new project that will be The Artful Business Podcast. The plan was to launch it in November but it will now go live November 4th!

This is going to be a 25-45 min podcast, released weekly both here and on itunes. It is going to be an interview series with creative entrepreneurs, artists and crafters from all over Australia (maybe even further afield).

I am excited about it – and if you are interested in being a part of it hit me up with an email.

But that’s not what I want to tell you about today!

As part of the preparation for this project I have been listening to LOTS of podcasts and I want to tell you about one in particular.

eliseElsie Gets Crafty is a wonderful podcast that someone told me about as soon as I shared my idea for the Artful Business Podcast and I can see why. It is a lot like what I want to do, but with Australian businesses.

Elsie Blaha blogs about life and all things crafty at She started her podcast Elsie Gets Crafty back in February and is now up to Episode 32.

My favourite one so far, and one that really fits with some of what I have been talking about here and in my newsletter this week, is Episode 17 where Elise talks to Tiffany Han about Saying NO to Say YES!

I encourage anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by their to do list, or overworked at the moment, to go and download this podcast. You can even listen to it while you keep working, so you won’t need to feel guilty about it.

Elise explains how she draws energy from alone time, “Nothing is my thing . . . recognise that doing nothing is something!”

And Tiffany backs that up with some sound advice.  “Recognise that you don’t owe an explanation to anyone . . . you don’t have to explain why you want to sit and stare at the wall, if that’s what you need to be doing – that’s more important.

Get Episode 17 of Elise Gets Crafty.

I’d love to know – do you listen to podcasts? Got any suggestions?