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My number one tip to make sure social media works for you and your business.


Now let me explain why, and give a few tips on how to stop being the grumpy girl at the social media party and get your groove back instead.

Small business owners often go through a period of Social Media Fatigue. Facebook Fatigue is a particularly common one!

If you are feeling like you are over it and if the words SOCIAL MEDIA make you want to scream – then let me tell you – it isn’t going to work for you to promote anything. Your followers will pick up on your lack of energy and enthusiasm.

They will be able to tell from a mile off that you are the grumpy girl at the party, and you probably know that – which is just adding to your disdain for social media as a whole.

If you HATE getting on Facebook, if you are resentful of the time and energy you have to spend on posting and sharing and thinking about content, how can you expect your tribe to want to come and hang out with you? Would you go and talk to the grumpy girl in the corner? Or would you hang out in the kitchen where everyone is laughing, making jokes and enjoying a drink or two.

Honestly, the most important thing you can do when it comes to using social media to promote your business and your brand is to make it FUN for you.

It is always the first thing I work on with any of my social media clients.

To make social media work for you – you need to enjoy using social media!

So how do you fall back in love with your social media?

It might be time for a social cleanse?

One of the first things I hear from people who aren’t enjoying their social media marketing is how tired they are of the noise and the crap going on in their feeds.

Hey – you have the power here! One of the coolest things about Social Media is that you can make it exactly what you want it to be.

If there are businesses whose posts bug you – UNFOLLOW THEM

If you have friends and family posting negative or offensive nonsense – UNFRIEND THEM

Hold up I hear you, you cant always un-friend someone without causing a political shit storm in your circles. So HIDE their posts. Just because you are related, or share a friend doesn’t mean you need to let their crap influence your day.

Take time to cull who and what you follow and get back to a feed you are interested in reading.

If you are feeling like the grumpy girl at the party, maybe you’re just at the wrong party.

Don’t just wait for people to come to you

If lack of energy and interaction on your page is what is bothering you, maybe it’s bothering other businesses you love too.

Instead of sitting around waiting for people to come and like and comment on your posts why not be that amazing person for someone else.

Write down a list of five – ten people and businesses you LOVE and make an effort to head over to their page every few days and interact with them on their turf.

Talking to another girl sitting on her own in the corner is going to make you both feel better.

Find some interesting networks – connect with people

This one is for Facebook particularly. Find some groups to connect with and have real life conversations with people for you share common interests with.

Some of the groups might be relevant to your business, some might just be around other things you love.

It is important to WANT to logon to your social media and you will be amazed at the collaborations, projects, ideas and clients that can be discovered by connecting with like-minded people in a friendly online group.

Now that you have unfollowed and unfriended and therefore stopped hanging out at the wrong parties – it’s time to find the right ones. Seek out a tribe that makes you feel at home and lets you be yourself.

Celebrate the small wins – remember the numbers are people!

If you are feeling frustrated about low reach and low engagement, spend time instead focusing on the one or two likes you DID get. Take the time to reply to that one comment and reply in a way that leaves the conversation open ended. Sometimes one person can make all the difference.

Remember every single like is an actual person that said “Hey, do you want to connect?” and if you are too busy worried about the big group of popular girls who didn’t say hi you will miss the chance to make a solid relationship with the people who are already seeking you out.

Connect with your way

Focus for a while on why you started your business, who are you trying to help or inspire and what do you actually want to achieve through your social media.

Stop thinking about the how’s, the must do’s and the algorithms and instead focus on your message.

No one stays grumpy when they start sharing the stuff that lights a fire in their belly. Find a renewed passion for your social platforms by making them about what you are passionate for.

Lastly – fake it till you make it.

We all know what it feels like to be the grumpy girl at the party. Maybe you don’t know anyone, or maybe you had a bad day but for whatever reason you aren’t feeling it. You’d rather be home alone with a blanket and a box of chocolates right?

You have three choices, you can go home. You can be the grumpy girl who no one wants to talk to. Or you can put on a fake smile, shake the hand of the person next to you and start interacting. Chances are if you do that you’ll feel a little better and a little braver. You might even approach the next person who walks past. And eventually you don’t feel grumpy at all, you’re enjoying yourself and your smile isn’t fake anymore.

Stop being the grumpy girl at the party and start having some fun. The rest will follow!