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Has it really only been three and half weeks since I was in a room with 90 amazing business ladies (and a few good men too) spending two days being inspired and learning about running a creative, passion driven business!?

It feels like it was just yesterday and it feels like it was three months ago (how does time do that?). Anyway, I digress!

Today I want to share with you my five biggest takeaways from this year’s event.

Energy matters

This wasn’t something I learnt from the speakers but just from the experience of being at #artfulbizcon with a different mindset and energy than ever before. It’s crazy stressful running this event and I have come out losing money each time. This year it wasn’t just my money – my family, my partner and my friends all put their hands in their pocket to make it happen too.

And I’m sharing this with you because – despite this – I was committed this year to keep MY energy high, focus on the joy of delivering this amazing event and celebrating the amazing women in the room (and in the virtual room) with us.

This positive attitude meant I had a shit load more fun at the event and got to experience it like never before. It also meant the energy of the whole event was higher and more expansive. Lots of the conversations since the event and comments on the feedback forms referred to “The Vibe” in the room!

Our world doesn’t nurture creativity

Felicity O’Connor talked about Creativity and shared some startling facts around how 98% of children at 5 believe they are creative. By the time we reach 15 that percentage drops to 12% and only 2% of adults still believe they are creative.

I talk about this a lot – if you run a business you are creative, if you manage kids and life I am betting you are creative! If you share your thoughts and knowledge through photos, written word or even in conversation – you ARE creative!

So why do we lose the sense that we are creative beings? Because we repeatedly told to fit the mould, stop playing and put down that paint brush and do something more meaningful.

Felicity shared how we can come back to our creative self!

  • Get comfortable having BAD ideas – they are your path to the good ones
  • Find a community that understands and supports you in your creative pursuits
  • Let go of comparisons and give yourself permission to play!

Consistency is Sexy

It must be, because Katie Wyatt said so! She also gave us amazing examples of how choosing ONE thing and committing to doing it with unwavering consistency can be a game changer for you and your business.

We all know this, but often the tasks of showing up regularly and doing ALL the things not only feels daunting, but is actually impossible. Katie took that overwhelm away by encouraging everyone to be consistent with ONE thing – not everything. Then build from there.

I need to start paying myself SUPER!

Sylvia Chierchia gave a killer keynote on Day One and then followed it up with a crazy good workshop on Day Two, but my biggest takeaway actually came from Jennifer Platt of Yellow Brick Road and listening to her talk about the need for women to take control, not just of their financial situation – but of their financial future!

My financial WHAT? Super-anu-WHAT? Um time to change that situation Elle!

Stay connected with your vision and your people

I have had a lot of help and support with this beast of a project, particularly since it nearly killed me in 2014! I am not for one second discounting that help – I wouldn’t have kept going without it!

But somewhere along the way I stopped believing in my vision for Artful and started believing in what other people told me it should be, could be, needed to be. This year I rediscovered my original vision and while it’s changed from that somewhat it’s actually still pretty close to the very first notes I made about the event back in 2011 when I first had the idea.

It feels like coming home and it feels like the Artful Business brand is finally stepping into itself and getting comfortable in its own skin! This is so exciting and makes doing the work to keep building it feel light and energising rather than heavy and hard.

Coming back to the positive mindset and energy I talked about at the beginning, holding that meant I was able to have so many more conversations with the ideal attendees, with the people the event is designed to serve, with MY PEOPLE. And gosh does that motivate and inspire me to keep going.

It was a gorgeous event full of learnings, laughter, heart-felt sharing and hugs! Oh so many HUGS! Katie and I shared some more takeaways on our latest #ladyboss Chats episode.

I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

We are taking the show to Brisbane (because it’s warmer there) and pre-sale tickets are available until July 8th if you want to grab yours early and save some serious cash.