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Finding it hard to get going in the morning?

Do you have jobs that you know you need to do but you just aren’t getting to?

Are you feeling flat and uninspired?

Sounds like you’ve lost your mojo!

Cycles of low energy and little inspiration are natural, particularly for creative types.  But when you are running a business, and you have deadlines and need sales you can’t always wait for the organic return of your mojo. So how do you go out and find it?

Throw yourself a dance party

Music can have a massive influence on you and can change your mood.

Take some time to put together a collection of songs that inspire you and make you feel happy, alive, sexy and vibrant.

Save the songs that bring you down and remind you of the pain you’ve endured for another day. They have their place, but if you are already feeling low and unmotivated listening to ballads of pain and heartbreak are only going to make it worse.

Once you have your playlist get up and dance!

Play the music too loud, sing along at the top of your lungs and dance your heart out. I guarantee you will feel better afterwards.

Aston and I do this regularly, and often just in the car either to or from school. It gets us both giggling, full of endorphins and energy and shakes off any grumps we are feeling.

Change Your Priorities

If writing, making sales, and spending time with your family are the most important things to you, then make sure those are the activities that take priority on your calendar.

If your daily schedule and your to do list is full of other things it is no wonder you feel like you are treading water.

Your calendar reflects where your focus and priorities are, so make sure you value your own time and make room for the activities that matter most.

The only way to accomplish goals is to force them to the top of your to-do list and the only way to get time to do the things that energise you is to schedule them in!

I decided some time ago that I want to focus more on writing and yet I am often pushing writing time aside to do other things. If I do it too much I find by the end of the week I feel deflated and cranky that I am not doing the work I love most. No one can fix that but me.

Shift Your Thinking

“You are what you think about.”

There is real power in the act of positive thinking and the dialogue you have with yourself has a big impact on your day and your mood.

Instead of thinking you “can’t do X” or “won’t be able to do Y,” flip it and tell yourself “I could do X if… “

Fill in the blank and then put it into action.

If you are constantly getting up in the morning feeling exhausted and flat then you need to change the way you think and the way you feel will follow. Instead of thinking “I don’t want to get up, I’m still so tired” take a moment each morning to breathe, tell yourself “I feel so rested, revitalised and ready for whatever today brings”.

It might feel like you are lying to yourself but after a few days you will start to feel more rested and ready for the day ahead.


Get outside and get grounded

Nature has a a lot to offer when it comes to mood boosting and rediscovering your mojo. Make the most of it.

Get outside and spend some time in the sun.

Vitamin D is believed to play an important role in mental health and in depression.

Researchers at the Baker Heart Research Institute in Melbourne collected blood samples from 101 healthy men during several seasons. They found that the amount of sun exposure they received profoundly affected their moods. Those who had adequate exposure to the sun had elevated moods and decreased stress levels due to an increase in serotonin levels in the blood.

But beyond the science, doesn’t it just warm your soul when the sunshine warms your back?!

Also be sure to kick off your shoes and get grounded. Whether it is sand, fresh grass or even a pile of dirt, the earth feels good under foot and it is important to take your shoes off from time to time and connect with the world around you.

As well as feeling good, taking time each day to just stop and feel the earth under foot helps us feel present in the other, more hectic moments of our day. If you haven’t tried “grounding” before, here is a great explanation and simple exercise to get you started. Getting Grounded Exercise.

Eat Better

It is so self-defeating but have you ever noticed when you feel kind of crappy you crave crappy food.

This of course makes you feel more crappy. . . so you look for more crappy food.

Break the cycle and find the food that will boost your mood rather than feed the grumpy unease you are feeling.

Avoid drinking too much caffeine, even as a HUGE coffee fan I know if I am feeling grumpy or anxious I need to cut back on the caffeine intake. Coffee raises your cortisol level, increases your feelings of stress and anxiety and actually raises your blood pressure. Caffeine blocks the action of a brain chemical called adenosine, a naturally-occurring sedative,  so if you are finding it hard to rest and relax you might need to give coffee a miss for a few days.

Sweets and simple carbohydrates spike your blood sugar, are quickly gobbled up by your body and leave you feeling depleted and flat. Simple fats also add to your sloth-like mood.

Instead, load up on foods that are high in antioxidants like fruits and vegetables. These natural sources (as opposed to supplements) help fight off depression. and malaise. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as beans, oatmeal and spinach which are great sources of folate, eggs, fish and poultry contain high amounts of B vitamins.

Oh and eating a bit of dark chocolate every day for two weeks has been shown to reduce stress hormones, including cortisol so not all sweets are bad!

What tips do you have to boost your mood and find your mojo?