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We all need a new social media platform like we a hole in the head right? I agree!

But. . . I think I need Pippit because it does things others don’t at the moment and they are things I LOVE!

Let me tell you all about Pippit and you can make your own mind up about it.


First of all, like Instagram it’s a mobile app. Please don’t get upset all you samsung users but for NOW it is only available on iPhone. The android version is coming but they haven’t set a date yet.

It’s only brand spanking new so it is a little slow to load and I am sure there will be bugs to iron out but if people get on board with it, it is going to explode! And I am in deep love already!

It allows you to create and share “pips” from your blog posts, photos, and videos within a single mobile app. In fact if you add your RSS Feed it will auto post your blog post pips for you. So it makes it kinda like a pretty, image version of google reader.

You can take photos or share photos from your phone gallery, much like Instagram, and it has a few filters. The cool thing though is more than just a caption you can add DOTS to you PIP and these dots can include clickable links to other platforms, websites, stores etc.

This is probably been my biggest frustration with Instagram and still hope they will catch up on that eventually.

There is still a spot to leave an overall caption for your PIP as well as a special place to put in any hashtags.

The last stage of posting your PIP you get to select a category

You scroll through the PIPS much like on Pinterest and you can LIKE, COMMENT or WANT a PIP. You can let the PIPPER know you thought their post was USEFUL too. It’s very classy and visually pleasing.

It was made by a trio of creative peeps, Joy from Oh! Joy and Naomi and Josh from Love Taza, and you can really tell that the layout, functionality and effeciency all mattered to them in the design process.

Find out about the App here.

See what co-creator Joy of Oh Joy! says about it.

Read what Pip Lincolne has to say about it.

If you get yourself Pippit you can follow me at elleroberts and comment below with your username so I can follow you too!

Elle xo