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But it’s worth it.

I have read a lot lately about HAPPINESS and what it means, how we find it and how we hold onto it.

Recently Kelly Exter talked about focusing on having an interesting life and letting the happiness look after itself.

Caz at Mojito Mother mentioned getting caught in the Happiness Trap and that there are two kinds of happiness.

I am also reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project which is her year long journey to be happier with her life.

All of this happy talk got me thinking.

What is my idea of happiness? Have I found it or am I still looking? So far I have come to this conclusion.

Happiness is hard work. It is a choice we make, not something we trip over in the street. We are not going to stumble across it one day no matter how perfect we make our live. We have to choose to be happy, and even then, we have to work at it. Daily.

I think of Happiness like fitness. It is great to decide one day “I want to be fit”. But you have show up day after day, train, work and keep working. The work is worth it sure, but the moment you stop working the fitness fades away. Faster for some people than others.

I think happiness is the same thing.

We need to make active choices everyday to be happy, no matter how good or bad our situation. Then we need to take actions to support that. For me it is my gratitude journal, it is taking time for me, it is sleeping more and it making my bed every day.

{If you think the last one sounds silly try it for a week and see if it changes your mood at all}

For you, your actions might be different but I believe the process is the same. And some of us might need to work harder than others, for some the happiness will fade away quickly when the working on it stops. Others will be luckier and it will stay with them with far less effort.

So if you are finding it hard to choose happiness, think of it like fitness. The first few times around it is easier to say “Fuck it, I’m not going today” but with practice, the work becomes lighter and the benefits become bigger. I encourage you to stick at it.

Are you happy? Do you believe it is a measure of how “good” life is or do you believe it is a choice we all need to make?