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It is so easy to put things off and to hide them away from the world, because they aren’t perfect. This whole website is still a LONG way from perfect or finished and it was very tempting to hide behind that and not go live with it. But I am trying not to let perfect get in the way of done!

How many things do you put off sharing with the world because they are not perfect yet?

This is one of my greatest challenges as a creative and an entrepreneur. I find it hard to publish things I am myself not happy with.

I find it even harder when it comes to writing. The writing so much now because I have decided that’s what I want to focus on.

I want to be a writer.

hitting publish and getting it done

I want to write more here on my blog, I want to tell my story and share the lessons I have learnt. I want to score more freelance writing jobs, both paid and unpaid and that is going to be a big focus of my business and creative work moving forward.

So why is it that as soon as I decided this my blog stalled, letters to my mailing list stopped totally and I hit a massive writers block!

Fear is a sneaky beast and for the last few months i have struggled to write anything. Even when I did get around to writing something decent I would talk myself out of publishing it because it wasn’t perfect.

So this week I am setting myself a new challenge – I am hitting publish and getting it done!

I’m not going to try and write every day for a month, or set myself a crazy word limit I need to reach each day. I am keeping it small but I am getting it done.

I am committing here and now, in front of you, to post something here on my blog every day this week. That’s 7 posts.

Totally doable right?

I am trying to kick start my mojo and get the heck over my newly found fear of hitting the publish button.

Is there anything you have been avoiding and putting off out of fear?

Is there something you can do to move out of that?

Don’t try and overcome the mountain. Just do something small everyday for the next week and see where you end up.

If you want to share your fear and your own challenge in the comments I would love you do so. If you want me to hold you accountable I would be happy to do that too, so just shout out.

You don’t have to share here but if you do want to set yourself a small fear busting challenge this week do write it down somewhere, show up each day and get it done.

Here is to a fear busting week ahead!