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I am a total extrovert. I love being around people and although I can be shy when meeting new people it only last until the first word is spoken. I can talk for hours to anyone just about and I come home from social functions beaming.

The younger me could only find energy in being with other people, I didn’t really enjoy time spent alone.

As I get older though this is changing.

I have introverted days.

Days where I am happier contemplating my own thoughts, or losing myself in a good book.

I sometimes have introverted weeks.

I am not sad, or cranky, or even tired. I simply want to spend sometime with myself and have very little desire to interact with the outside world.

Some people in my life confuse this and think I must be mad at them, or upset about something, because it is a change from my usual Chatty Cathy self.

But I have learnt the value of being alone.

I find energy in time spent with myself, as much as I gain energy from being with others, some days much more so.

I am proud of my introverted days because I think for the longest time I didn’t like time alone because I didn’t like ME. I am still working on it but for the most part now, I am my own best friend.

And don’t we all need some downtime with our besties now and then?