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I have always admired Claudia Karven. I think she is brilliantly talented, beautiful and tell stories in such a profound way.

Today I stopped admiring her and fell in love with her instead.

Over at Big Hearted Business – founded by another love of mine Claire Bowditch – Claudia gave her thoughts on work, pay, creativity and business but my heart stopped at the 12 minute mark when Claudia said;

Photo by Open Field

I couldn’t agree more!

I love that my work allows me flexibility and time with my son when I need it. I take Friday mornings off so I can help out in his class room. I pick him up from school at 3 instead of using after school care and if he is sick and he needs me – I am available.

But I also love that my parenting allows me to work, I would make a terrible mum/home maker if that’s was all I did. Some people do that and they love it and it moves them and that is wonderful for them and their families. Days when the stress of it all feels to much I wonder why I don’t focus on the home and worry less about the work stuff.

The work I do is as much a part of who I am as being a mum. It is as much an expression of myself as the time and effort I spend with my son and it is just as fulfilling and rewarding. It is also just as hard and just as stressful and somedays just as repetitive and mundane.

I wouldn’t be as good at my work if I wasn’t a mum.

I wouldn’t be as good a mum if I didn’t have my work.

Thank you Claudia for helping me realise that – because I always feel like one is pulling at the other and it is exhausting. I simply need both to be ME and that is ok.

Make sure you head over to Big Hearted Business and catch Claudia Karven’s Inspiration Bomb.