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Now that you have your profile set up, including a link to your website, it is time to start finding your people.

Like other social media the best way to approach this is to start with people and brands that interest you.


Follow some brands and businesses you like, and don’t be afraid to say hello. Let your Facebook followers or your email list know that you have an Instagram account and how they can find you.

There is no doubt you already know people on Instagram, who follow you on other social media platforms, and who you follow elsewhere, so getting started won’t be as daunting as you might expect.

Find some businesses or people you admire and see how they are using the platform. You could get started by following me… @elle_roberts_ or follow the Artful Business Community on @artfulbizcomm


HOT TIP – even if you have decided Instagram is not for you it might be worth setting up an account using your business name and filling out the profile just incase someone tags you, or someone comes across your profile in a search. You could even put in your profile that it is not an active account but include links to where people can find and interact with you.

At this stage we don’t really use the Studio Exsto account but we have secured the username and all our details are listed in the profile so people can find our website. 

Finding People to Follow

Once you have found a few people who you enjoy following, a good way to find others is to see who they are following.

If you click through to someone’s profile, in the top right hand side shows the number of people they follow. Clicking on that takes you to the list of users they follow.

Finding people who are in your niche and following people who they follow or who follow them can help you build your community, and also discover some wonderful people within your interest group.

Building Connections

You are going to have a whole lot more success, not to mention more fun, if you interact. It is called social media for a reason. On Instagram you can interact by following, liking, commenting and engaging with other users. Don’t just use it as a way to broadcast a message, but as a tool for conversation.

Start chatting to people, liking a picture is great, but the only way you are going to build connections is by speaking up. Don’t worry about getting people to engage with your stuff, just yet, focus instead on commenting on other people’s photos. Be a part of the conversation.

We have each met people on Instagram that we have then connected with in other ways. Some have even become good friends.

Have fun with the experience.

This week’s assignment – Find 15 people whose message and aesthetic resonate with you. Perhaps start with a few, and check out who they follow. See if you can find people and businesses you have never come across before. Notice how they are using Instagram – What images do you resonate with the most? What are some ideas that would work for your brand?

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