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It is time to take it beyond Instagram


Instagram is fantastic and can be a lot of fun as well as a great tool to build trust around your brand, but how do you take it beyond that? How do you make sales and get people from Instagram onto your website or into your store?

Links to your site

When you setting up your profile you are prompted to give a web address. This address will show up in your information as a clickable link so make sure this is the place you want most people to go when they connect with you.

Sharing to other platforms

It is now easier than ever to share your Instagram photos on other platforms. You can link directly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr.

To share your photos simply hit the … under your images. Choose Share Photo.

The first time you click on any of the options it will ask you to set up details or confirm account details.

For Facebook it will default to your personal profile. If you want it to post to your business page you need to change this in your profile settings.

Click here to see how to post to your business page. It just takes a few simple steps.

Call to Action

Like all kinds of promotion it is important to tell people what you want them to do. From time to time remind people that you want them to head to your website, buy your product or sign up for your mailing list.

If you are sharing images of your latest products, remind people how to get to your store. Now that you have checked that your link is in your profile, you can simply include something like “link in my profile” so people are reminded how easy it is to find you.

Instagram Offers

People who follow you on Instagram won’t necessarily be following you anywhere else, so offer competitions or discount offers specific for your Instagram followers.

This gives them an incentive to click through to your website and check out your store.

As we mentioned before, you can even put a code in your profile details so new followers are immediately rewarded.

Drive Traffic Home

We have talked a lot about different kinds of photos and what gets people’s attention and encourages conversation, but what kinds of things can you share to drive traffic to you website?

What is happening over there? Just as you share behind the scenes to let people know what your work life looks like, don’t forget to share images of what is happening on your website.

If you are having a sale, make sure you have an Instagram-able image to share, letting people know.

When you are writing a new post consider sharing it on Instagram as well, including an easy link to find it. If your posts include images this is easy, for more text heavy blogs making small text based images can be fun and easy – share a quote or even the blog title in a visually pleasing way to get your Instagram followers interested in what you are saying.

Remember though to always be reminding them how to get from Instagram to your website. Someone who does this very well is Kelle Hampton’s feed (etst on Instagram).

Send them to Facebook or Twitter (or wherever you want them)

Apart from getting people to head to your website you might also want to drive them to your other social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

Similar to getting them to your blog, the best way to encourage people across social platforms is to give them glimpses of what you are sharing elsewhere.

If you have a new product range, share a pic or two on Instagram and tell people to check the rest out in your Facebook Album.

It can be as simple as letting them know you are in those other places too. Take a pic of you Facebook page or Twitter Account and caption it with something like:

“If we’re not connected on Twitter, you can follow us @studioexsto”

What is your purpose

Like most things in business the best way to approach Instagram is to consider carefully what the purpose of your account is.

Are you there just because you feel like you should be? We hope it’s not this one.

Is the goal to drive sales or grow your brand awareness?

Maybe it is simply to connect with your ideal customer and build some trust around your business?

Whatever the reason is for you, let that be what guides you in deciding what images to share.

Be yourself, have fun and keep in mind why it is you are there.

Feel free to reply to this email and let us know your Instagram username so we can come and say hello.

We hope you have enjoyed this series and if you have any comments or questions either reply to this email or head to our blog and leave a comment.

This week’s assignment

Get clear on what the purpose is for your Instagram account. Brainstorm a list of images to share that will help the specific purpose for your account.


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