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This week I have been working with clients on their business plans, on their online presence and have been helping some of them to build their websites. I have also been trying to find time to work on this site and make it what I want it to be.

I have been playing around with what my offers will be moving forward and working on my next product, which will be a business mastermind class launching in 2015.

As part of the research process for my offer I have also been going over old note books, journals and blog posts.

Put all of this together and I have come to some pretty confronting realisations.

I have had some wild dreams over the years!

Many of these crazy dreams, such as bringing the ABC to life and travelling to speak and give workshops as well as being published online and in print in various places have come true.

And many haven’t come to pass. But that isn’t the confronting bit.

The thing I realised (again) this week that made me go WOAH! is that my plans have changed so much. What I wanted for my business and my life a year ago is no longer what I want. In fact, what I was working towards three months ago, is no longer exactly where I want to head.

I wrote a letter to my email subscribers back in July about how growing your business doesn’t always mean you need to make it bigger. I had made some decisions then about staying intentionally small. Today I wanted to share that message again.

If you have dreams to earn $200,000 a year, fly overseas and become a leader in your industry – that’s fantastic and I support you and encourage you to pursue that.

But if your dream is a little simpler, smaller and maybe less exciting than that – it is in no way less valid.

Old dreams vs new!

I used to want to be known as a thought leader and an authority in my industry, now I want to be respected by my peers and appreciated by my clients. I want to serve and be of value but I don’t need accolades or fanfare.

I used to want to build and grow my business to earn the prestigious SIX FIGURES, but now I have set my income goal for the next 12 months and it is shy of the six figure mark but far enough from where I am now to push myself without burning out.

I used to want to build my business, get myself an employee or three, create a little creative studio full of busy people and exciting ideas. Now I like the freedom and flexibility that comes with being the only person in the business. I outsource my book-keeping and look forward to outsourcing more (next support will be a house cleaner though) but I don’t want employees, I don’t want to build an empire – I just want to serve and to be useful.

It’s ok to dream big – but it’s ok to dream small too.

Many of my dreams are still big but they have shifted too and that’s normal. As people we grow and learn and the world around us changes. My focus and priorities have changed in the last six months.

The important thing is to dream!

And to touch base regularly with your dreams and plans to make sure you are working towards what you still want.

Have your plans and dreams shifted lately? Have they changed completely?