It doesn’t matter what sort of business you run. From consultants and coaches to artists, makers and designers there is so much value and beauty in embracing your personal brand and letting people get to know the PERSON behind the business.

Whether you have a business with a name of its own or you use your name for your brand, anyone who uses an online presence, social media or networking to help grow their business has a personal brand of some description.

This is a valuable and powerful thing, because people like doing business with people more than just a business or a logo. Building your personality and your story into your business marketing not only makes it easier, more fun and more authentic for you but it allows people to connect and resonate with your business on a deeper level and this cultivates loyalty and raving fans.

I have lots of tips and advice to share when it comes to building and protecting a personal brand but I really think the KEY to it all is being comfortable being YOU and letting that shine through in your business.

Yes – you need to speak to the the needs and wants of your customer. Yes – you need to be professional and put your best YOU forward. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be REAL and share your journey along the way.

 Be real, show your personality (quirks and all) and let people see the perfectly imperfect YOU.


I think #selfies are a valuable part of this but I know some people don’t feel comfortable sharing photos of themselves on their business profiles. I really encourage you to think about your experience as a shopper and consumer, particularly when working with other small businesses. It’s nice to know there is a friendly face behind the brand, right?

When you go to a brick & mortar store you expect to be greeted by a friendly smile and cheery hello. The same applies online. Let your customers see your face, even just once in a while so they can put a face to the brand. If you want some help feeling braver in this space check out my free 7 Day Selfie Challenge – My Face My Brand.

Selfies are not the only aspect of personal branding though. Think about other ways you can help your audience CONNECT with you. It might be sharing a small part of your business journey, how you got to where you are. It might look like sharing our sense of humour. Maybe it is sharing quotes or videos that lift you up and inspire you.

You can decide what this looks like for you and your business but I really encourage you to find ways that feel good for you to Let the YOU Shine Through in your business and marketing. You will be glad you did.

You will be more approachable, more memorable and create more connections – but it’s also just a lot more fun!! 

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