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Poor Monday get’s such a bad rap.

Sure, I can understand why Monday is not considered the best day of the week, it follows the weekend which is when we rest, spend time with family etc and for most of us it is the start of our work week.

Thing is though, I LOVE my work.

The weekends are for the family and those days are just wonderful.

But my favourite moment, every week is 9am on a Monday morning.

The house is empty except for (and the cat) I have been home from school drop off long enough to brew a cup of coffee. And I sit at my desk and start my week.

In that moment, anything is possible.

The TO DO list might feel endless, but I have a full week to get through it. The inbox might be full but who knows what excitement lies in the unread emails.

Let’s stop being so harsh on Monday and show her a bit of love! Because if you enjoy the work you do, Monday’s rock pretty hard!

What’s your favourite thing about Monday?