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One lesson I keep learning over and over again in this crazy world of self employment is just how important self care is.

When I get too busy to exercise, eat right and sleep the success of business drops almost instantly. If I don’t look after myself, even if it is under the guise of getting more done, I lose motivation, steam and the ability to think creatively.

Even more than that, it stops being fun!

So this year I have really focused on looking after me and while I don’t really believe in the idea of “balance” I have made an effort to work less and live more.

In February I set myself the 4 Hour Workday Challenge and will be hosting a revised version of that again later in the year. I learnt so much about myself and the way I work, and I know the wonderful people who joined me did too.

In March I focused more on getting healthy, practicing yoga, walking and eating better.

The business has blossomed because I have been taking better care of me.

April has been wonderful because I have better work habits, but with new directions, lots of new events and products I am trying to get ready to launch I can feel the pressure creeping back in to work 18 hour days and live off coffee and air.

So this May my focus is on Mindfulness.

I am participating in the Mindful In May Meditation Challenge which not only teaches you to clear your mind, but also raises money for Charity Water to help provide the world’s needy communities with clean drinking water.

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” ~Ram Dass

I am absolutely rubbish at sitting still and even worse at stilling my mind so I am looking forward to this challenge with equal parts excitement and terror.

I know my life and business will be better for it!

If you want to join in the 30 Day Challenge it is only $25 to register and as I said, the money raised goes to support Charity Water. If you want to support the cause but meditation doesn’t interest you, you can sponsor me and help me raise $250 to bring clean water to more people around the world.