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In January last 2013 I wrote following list of plans for the year, as you can see from my comments it didn’t go quite to plan!

  1. Get up at 5:30am each morning and go to bed when I am tired – this mostly happens but it is kinda dragged out of bed by my little eye and I sit on the couch eyes half shut for as long as I can get away with. Needs work.
  2. Save 10% of all incoming money into a savings account for travel – epic fail on this let’s try again in 2014!
  3. Clear all of my personal debt by the end of November – not quiet there yet but will debt free by June 30
  4. Read a book each month (for pleasure) – got better as the year went on but still nowhere near one a month
  5. Spend one day each week OFF social media – email, instagram, twitter and facebook – hmmm nope!
  6. Eat Paleo and sugar free – my diet is fairly paleo these days, the sugar free needs more work and I do eat lots of cheese!
  7. Exercise for at least 30 min at least 6 days a week – just nope!
  8. Spend more time present in each moment and check in with loved ones – this is something I defiantly improved on but only really late in the year.
  9. Practice yoga regularly – arrgghh that’s another nope! Bought a matt though.
  10. Learn French – we started, Aston and I know about 4 sentence and a dozen words but that’s it.
  11. Travel to a place I have never been before – didn’t go anywhere I haven’t been before but I did have fun in Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and some rural parts of Queensland. 
  12. Learn to use my camera better – get off the auto setting – shit, another flat nope!
  13. Grow my own veggies – I did, I grew broccoli, eggplant and capsicum, fell off the wagon a bit in the second half of the year so about to dive head first into gardening again.
The only encouraging thing about this failed attempt at goal setting is that I know exactly why i fell so far short on so many of them! I wrote these down in a post over at Studio Exsto, may have referred back to it once or twice, but by March I had all but forgotten what was on the list.

I don’t know about you but for me goals don’t work if I just try to set and forget!

I need to be reminded constantly and I need to focus on slowly building new habits into my daily routine around achieving my goals. 

I have lots of plans and hopes for 2014 but I have whittled them down into 14 core goals for the year, and after I list them here I will printing out and sticking them all over my house as a daily reminder.

This year I plan to;

  1. nurture a healthier relationship with money, clear all personal debt by June 30 and start saving towards a house deposit.
  2. Learn French – to the point I can hold a conversation with a friend.
  3. Read one fiction and one non fiction book per month (starting in Feb)
  4. Create meaningful content for at least two posts a week here, and one blog and one newsletter each week at Studio Exsto.
  5. Guest post, submit articles, write, write and write some more, for anyone who will have me.
  6. Do something creative everyday (instagram not included). Art, photography, sewing, something, anything which feeds my creative soul.
  7. Complete a Life Coaching course to continue my own education and development.
  8. Take my boy, and our two dogs camping at least once every six weeks.
  9. Stay up to date with my Project Life album and my personal journal – will tell you more about these next week!
  10. Become an organised super mum when it comes to being sorted with homework, washed uniforms and packed lunches.
  11. Exercise four times a week – this should be easy as I start training three days a week on Monday.
  12. Try my hand at Kite Surfing and or Paddle Boarding.
  13. Attend a photography class and learn to use my camera better.
  14. Write a book.

Right! That should do for the year I think. Now to pin them everywhere around my house so I am reminded of them constantly!

How do you set goals?

How do you keep them?