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Many people believe PRINT is dead. To that I call bullshit!

Yes, print media is a tough industry right now.  Having co-edited *bespoke* magazine for just over 12 months I know from first hand eperience that it is a difficult medium to work in.

But there are some seriously amazing magazines bucking the trend and going from strength to strength,  despite the challenges.

Let’s face it, curling up with a hot cup of tea and your iPad is just never quite as good and flicking through a real live magazine.

Here are my top three regular reads. They are my main indulgence and I love them all equally!

Tickle the Imagination

I have had the amazing honour of working with Tanya Collier and have been writing the Creative Business Article for Tickle the Imagination now for, gosh, maybe two years?! This beautiful magazine is a visual delight. Full of stunning photos, stories of handmade businesses, makers and projects, it is an escape into a wonderful world of handmade goodness!


Renegade Collective

Looking for some inspiration, well written stories, great photos and fun brush script, then look no further than the fabulous Renegade Collective. Editor Lisa Messenger is an entrepreneur who has walked the walk and is now bringing together amazing stories of amazing people from all over the world.

Distributing in over 30 countries and celebrating 16 issues this magazine is a must read for the entrepreneurs amongst us!


New Philosopher

The blurb on the back of New Philosopher goes like this;

For curious and cultivated people, looking for solutions to the general and fundamental issues faced by humankind.

And that, my friends is exactly what it is. I’m not sure I class myself as cultivated but the articles are wonderful essays that explore different aspects of what it means to be a human being in our world today. I honestly only bought my first issue because it was yellow and the theme for the issue was HAPPY. I found it right when I was into reading positive psychology and such but I have been hooked ever since!



Each of these is very different but I enjoy them all so much and love taking a afternoon break, finding a spot under a tree or heading to my bedroom for a sneaky escape with the latest issue!

Do you have any favourite mags?