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One of the aspects of my life I know needs serious improvement is the Money Stuff.

Back in 2012 I had such a horrible relationship with money. The idea of having it scared me more than not having enough, I had never had anything that even resembled a disposable income (except maybe when I was in high school and worked at the local newsagent). So all my attitudes towards money were negative, angry even and I had this desperate sense of scarcity. I pretty much though of money as this horrible dirty thing that always come with stress and pain.

What turned that around for me was when I decided to host the Artful Business Conference. I had about $150 in my bank account and yet I was working on a budget that was $50,000 or more.

This paralysed me.

I was lucky though, that right around the time of paralysation I found Jennifer Lee and her Right Brain Business Video Summit. Her conversation with Nichole Fende TOTALLY changed things for me.

I got real with my numbers, then I got comfortable with them – then I hustled to make it happen.

This is NOT the end of my story though – I have so much work to I need to do around money, particularly my personal finances. So what I really want to share with you today are my big love lady crushes on my go to ladies when I am looking for money advice.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

I have (kinda) taken Denise’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp – and by kinda, I mean I get a few weeks into the 6 week program and have so much work to do I don’t go any further. It’s ok though because I have ongoing access to the program so I keep coming back to it time and time again.

It first I thought her manifesting and emotional stuff around money was too woo-woo for me but I am learning that it works and I know the mindset stuff is so important in business so was I so resistant to it when it comes to money?

Nichole Fende

This lady changed the way I thought about money and my business finances – ok let’s be honest – this lady pulled my head out of the sand and showed me what was really going on! And that was just in the one 20 min video were I first saw Nichole speak. I have been lucky enough now to talk with her many times, she spoke at last year’s Artful Business Conference AND even had me speak on her show.

Tara Gentile

I think Tara was the very first business coach, entrepreneur, blogger, person I ever came across who spoke my language. I don’t even remember how I found her but I do remember the bliss I felt when I did. I was still making and selling my own handmade products back then and Tara’s amazing money and pricing advice was SO much more relevant to me than anything else I had found. I still read her blog every week and she is still teaching me.

Sarah Riegelhuth

Sarah and I meet on twitter when were at a conference together and I instantly fell in love with her (I think it was her dress that day). What really drew me to Sarah was her drive and her attitude. And it was around the time when I was trying desperately to change my thoughts around money. She is so refreshingly real about it and has written an amazing book Get Rich Slow. She is also the co-founder of Wealth Enhancers so you know she isn’t just talking the talk but walking the walk as well.

Kate Northrup

And my newest Money Lady Crush is on Kate Northrup, who I have only discovered recently but who has the kind of face that just makes you smile. She has a wonderful blog and does a video show Glimpse (which I have watched way to many episodes of already). I have also ordered her book Money : A Love Story and I can’t wait to read it.

These are some seriously intelligent and inspiring women and if you want to improve your money story I suggest you check them out.

I know I still have a LOT to learn to get my money stuff sorted out. Do have money stuff you want to improve? Do you have any other suggestions for where or who to go to for advice?