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I have often chosen a specific word to guide my focus and intention into a new year and last year, thanks to a tip from Katie Wyatt and some seriously powerful inspiration from Chris Brogan I decided to choose THREE WORDS.

Last year my words were FOCUSED, ENERGISED and EXPANSIVE. It was a topsy-turvy year both in business and life, as I know it was for many others! So I don’t know how well I lived up to these words BUT they did help to keep grounded and on track even when it felt like everything was turning to poo.

This year I am feeling very differently about the upcoming 12 months! With TWO babies due in just under two months, I know a lot of the year will have to be planned and organised but stay totally flexible and adaptable – because I’m not really sure what life with twins is going to look like! This meant I found it hard to chose words that would motive and inspire me without feeling overwhelming or like they were adding pressure to an already daunting year ahead.

However, as always, sitting with it, listening to my intuition and tapping into how different words made me FEEL led me to three words that feel exciting, they each have things I need to work towards but they also feel gentle and supportive. Here they are:


I want to build more abundance into my business and life, focus on profit not just revenue, find ways to feel more expansive with my time and money and allow good things to come to me without fighting so hard.

Some of my business goals around this include:

  • Paying myself a wage from Artful and running that business at a net profit this year
  • Paying myself owners pay of 35% from Elle Roberts, starting this month
  • Putting 5% of all Elle Roberts incomings into a PROFIT account
  • Having the business afford a new computer for me by the end of February

On a personal note the goals include:

  • Making more time for family that feels guilt-free and I can really enjoy
  • Engaging a Financial Planner to help Marc & I sort our personal money stuff (we ticked this one off the list YESTERDAY!)
  • Creating more space in our lives – even though we are living in tight conditions at the moment there are ways we can feel more abundant and upgrade our current environment
  •  Spend a weekend AWAY and OFFLINE with our new little family of five every two months – maybe wont start that until mid year.



I have some big projects I want to bring to life and I need to focus on what’s working and not be always distracted by new things, I also intend to focus on my growing family and be more present with the people around me.

Biz Goals:

  • Deliver the best Artful Business Conference ever & have a sell out crowd – this means Artful needs to take the FRONT SEAT from now until June and I don’t usually let it do that.
  • Double-down on the offerings I have and make them work even better for me instead of always trying new things.
  • Get more organised with my time, spend less BUSY time faffing about not achieving much because I don’t know my ass from my elbow.
  • Plan ahead as much as I can so that I’m not always doing things in a panic at the last minute.

Life Goals:

  • Be more present when its family time and leave work stuff for work hours.
  • Complete some creative projects and not feel guilty about not working or cleaning the house.
  • READ MORE – I want to read at least one book a month this year but the list of books I’d like to get through is longer than 12!
  • Get clear NOW on what learning/events etc I want to do and stick to the plan.



It’s time to stop over complicating things, double down on my core offerings, build routine into my family life, keep it simple, stop making things harder than they need to be, go with the flow, declutter and just let things be easy!

Biz Goals:

  • Again double-down on what ALREADY WORKS and stop making life harder by always starting new things – I love the offerings I have now so I need to just rinse and repeat for a while.
  • Get my systems and automation process sorted. I have made HUGE headway in this regards the last few months but the more ease and space I can create in my business this year, the easier my other goals will all be.
  • SCHEDULE my social media! I’ve done a lot of work for clients in this space – both in training and in doing the implementing for them but I keep not doing my own. Enough is enough!
  • Manage my money better, stop shuffling money around accounts, create better habits which will also mean less hours in my accounting system.

Life Goals:

  • Meal prep!! At the moment I am heading to the super market every other day to get food for dinner. Time to work out a meal plan, do a weekly shop and stop wasting so much time, money and food!
  • Declutter our stuff! Organise our filing, books, clothes and STUFF that is making it hard to live in an organised way.
  • Build routine into our family life – I’m not great at this but I have been trying a few things out with Aston and he responds to it SO well. I also know I’m going to need as much routine as possible with the babies so I can running my biz around new borns.
  • Just slow down, breathe more often and know that it is ok to REST!

Do you set intentions/words or resolutions for your year? I’d love to hear them if you do!

Let the new chapter begin … it’s going to be a good one!!