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Since 2015 I’ve been choosing three words each year to help guide me through the upcoming 12 months. I used to pick one word and that also felt forced and so-what unhelpful but in late 2014 a friend introduced me to Chris Brogan’s practice of choosing three guiding words and I’ve loved it ever since.

I like the triangulation of three words, I like thinking of words that align with my ambition, my family and my spirituality and three words instead of one just feels more fun to me.

Weather you set resolutions, craft intentions or pick words for your year ahead do WHATEVER FEELS GOOD to you and ignore what everyone is saying about what works and what doesn’t.

In 2018 I actually recycled my 2017 words and they have been wonderful at reminded me what I what to work on and pay attention to these past two years.

It’s been a rocky road since getting sick in the middle of 2016 and bringing twins into the world in early 2017. We’ve had some huge challenges to face as a family and I have personally done a lot of growing and learning (and not nearly enough sleeping). But the past two years have also been full of so much love, joy and laughter and I am so grateful for where my life is at right now.

That said – there are plans for BIG changes in 2019!

My overarching motto for many years now has been “Seeking more, Staying Grateful” and I want to really embody this in 2019.

For a combination of reasons 2018 (and the two years before that) have really hurt us financially. We’ve had to pay for things we can not avoid but that are outside our control. I’ve worked less than planned #becausetwins and we have some serious catching up to do to achieve our personal goals over the next ten years. Yet, we have a good life and a roof over our heads – which is more than many so I am trying hard not to be bitter our financial situation, just work hard to improve it.

My business has boomed in 2018 but as the twins get older, and even my eldest is getting to a new level of independence I have more mental space and actual time to work – and I LOVE THAT. Again, instead of feeling shame or embarrassment about where I’m not yet, I’m staying grateful for the flexibility my business has allowed me in bending to the needs of the family and my health these past few years. Now is the time to focus on taking things to the next level!

So what are my words for 2019?


My business is growing but so is my knowledge of the world – I’m growing a team but also working towards a more inclusive business model in 2019.

I’m learning about intersection feminism, racial issues, real equality and what the world needs to do to move towards that. I’m learning about my own privilege and how I can use it to better the situation rather than ignorantly add to it!

And as we launch into 2019 I’m going to be talking about all these things and more.

. I’m expanding in many ways and so is my business and my brand.


The work I do here as an Online Business Manager and Business Coach, as well as the events I run through Artful Business Events had always been about empowering my clients and I want to focus in on this in 2019 and give better content, provide better service and help my clients sore!

This means more education, more high-touch service, more support and some exciting new projects!

I also intend to empower myself to play a bigger game and to trust myself more deeply. This is a work in progress but a muscle I am committed to flexing throughout 2019.


Having had twins nearly 2 years and I feel very tired. The pregnancy was rough on my body and took a long time to recover from. The twins aren’t great sleepers and our family life is full of appointments and commitments. I’m busy and I’m exhausted.

2017 & 2018 have been about survival and making it work, and I’m ok with that – but enough now.

This year I want to get back to eating and exercising in order to energise my body, finding ways to be healthier and feel better. Not just for me but for the whole family.

I am also committed to following my bliss and focusing on the work that really lights me up. I have said I don’t want a hobby because if my off the clock kid-wise I WANT to be working, and while that is still true I do miss things like reading, sewing, crochet and scrapbooking. In 2019 I will be spending some time doing things just for me and just for fun!

I will also be outsourcing more of the tasks that drain me, both in my business and family life and I am so excited to recover some of that time and mental energy.

Do pick a word, phrase or group of words?

Do you set resolutions, intentions or goals at this time of year?

If so I’d love to hear what they are!