Online Business Manager

Are you ready to lose the exhaustion of a never-ending to-do list, & instead find ease & flow in your work life?

I bet you often find yourself wondering “How I can ever get it all done?” And the busier you get the more you find yourself spinning in circles on the spot.

What would it mean to you, to find a way FORWARD?

How would you feel knowing that each day you are taking the right actions to move you closer to the goals you have for your business and life?

When we try to juggle all the balls on our own, we react, we get sidetracked and we get caught in the BUSY of our lives.

Working as a business coach for 8 years I’ve see time and time again, women beating themselves up for not getting it ALL done all the time.

Often it is the most determined and passionate people,  with so many big ideas and ambitions, who get the most stuck,  create their own obstacles, and lose sight of how to take simple actions towards their big goals.

If this is you – it’s ok!


I am here to help.

I will work with you to define your priorities, map out your business operations, find your productivity leaks and help you set an action plan that you will stick to.

I also take a chunk of your long to-do list and go about getting it DONE for you!

Online Business Management is a service for ambitious & driven business women,

who are looking for support in various areas of their business.

Who are you?

You’re in business doing work you are passionate about. You’re ready to create financial abundance while having a positive impact on the world. Want to build an empire but by your own design and to your own rules.

You also know you can’t do it alone and that there has to be a better way forward! 

How does it work?

I combine my business strategy skills with my love for systems and processes to help you build efficiency and structure into your work flow. Together we define your priorities map out your entire operations.

Then I take a load off your plate by getting much of the work done for you!

What is the outcome?

Having someone else manage the day-to-day running of your business gives you back time and energy, allowing you to concentrate on the work that brings you joy and moves you towards your longterm goals.

Together we focus on increasing your productivity, profitability and your sanity!

Why not outsource the day-to-day operations stuff, so you can get

back to focusing on the work you love most.

What is included?

  • Monthly Strategy Sessions
  • Operational Breakdown and list of recommended tasks
  • Up to 20 hours a month of done for you work


  • Monthly reports and timecards*
  • Process documents for all tasks I work on*

(*only available with the Ultimate and/or Entrepreneur packages)

Want More Detail?

Monthly Strategy Sessions

These face-to-face calls will get us both clear on your core goals and focuses, work out what you need to do to achieve them and what I can best do to support you to make them happen. My years of coaching and consulting with business owners like you has given me great tools to get to the core of what you need to reduce your stress, eliminate your overwhelm and start working through your mounting list of stuff that is always on the to-do list but you never find the time to do.  

Operational Breakdown

In our first strategy session I will take you through a process which pulls out all of the to-dos floating around in your head and we will create an operational breakdown for your business. This will allow you to see exactly what needs to get done, what should getting done but isn’t and where the major gaps are in your efficiency and productivity. We will be able to work out the best way for me to support your business, how you need to work differently and if there are task we can outsource more affordable support services.

Done For You Work

Depending on the package you chose you will receive up  to 20 hours each month of my dedicated time supporting you to manage your business the way that works best for you. Having someone take care of the things that have you tearing your hair out on a day-to-day basis frees up creative energy as well as time. Getting all the messy, techy, monotonous tasks done is part of my genius – so put me to work!

Monthly reports and timecards

By closely tracking my time and keeping you up to date each week with how long job are taking me and how many hours you have left to use, we can ensure the best possible efficiency for your business. This also means each month we work together the process becomes more streamlined and therefore I can deliver more return on investment for you.

Process Documents

If you chose the Ultimate Package, as a bonus, every task I work on for you will be documented in a procedures manual, allowing you to more easily hand tasks off to future employees or contractors.

Together we’ll set clear priorities,

build systems that support you and take

your business from overwhelm to ease and flow.


Not Just a VA

I love business strategy, management and processes, so if you don’t, why not let me show this part of your business the love it deserves and allow you to get on with the stuff you really want to be doing.  

After 8 years running various online and offline businesses, with a degree in Business and Marketing and 10 years working in the corporate world I know a thing or two about organisation, administration, business communication and online presence, so when I say I can help you get these things sorted in your business I really mean it.

From coordinating your busy schedule, setting up your website, or putting together email marketing campaigns, I can take the pressure off the administrative side of your business so you can focus on what really matters. The two larger packages include monthly reports and process breakdowns that you can use into the future. Ideally we will work together for a minimum of 3 months so we can really make a positive impact in your business and have you feeling more in control.

Throughout the process I will give you feedback about how long tasks take to complete, help you document processes so you can hand over some of the jobs to a more cost effective VA and I keep you up to date with my progress on a regular basis.

This all empowers you to get more help as your business grows, build stronger systems, automate where possible and improve your efficiency and ultimately your bottom line.

Possible Tasks

  • Accounts Reconciling
  • Blog editing and scheduling
  • Calendar management & scheduling
  • Client On-boarding
  • Content Creation
  • Content Planning
  • Email management
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • File storage and management
  • Image sourcing or creation
  • Invoicing and Bill Payments
  • Podcast and video editing
  • Product Listings
  • Proof reading / editing content
  • Setting up a Podcast or Youtube Channel
  • Setting up business e-mail & calendar
  • Setting up cloud based storage
  • Social media scheduling
  • Transcription service
  • Travel arrangements
  • Website backups and checks
  • Website updates
  • Looking for something not listed – just ask

About Me

My passion is empowering women! I do that through my work by helping women build businesses by their own design and to their own rules!

I am known as a creativity coach and business mentor but in truth is a #CreativityChampion, a massive believer in the collective power of people and a savvy business strategist.

I would love to never again see women in business become a slave to their businesses, so I’m on a mission to help women clarify their priorities and planning, set up systems and process to improve productivity and help them get the hard nagging job done so they don’t have to worry.


I honestly believe your business should be a vehicle to allow you to do what you love, be a part of something bigger and express all the amazing talents you have to offer – while also making a sustainable income and building financial security for yourself and your family.

Productivity, efficient process, automation and customised systems all help make a business more manageable and profitable and I am driven to help small business women and entrepreneurs implement these into their business, empowering them to really create the work-life blend that serves for them.

“People ask me about this “creativity” thing. What’s that all about? It’s about doing business your own way – tapping into your wisdom, your experience, your innovative self – and bringing that into your business.”

I am a big believer in authentic marketing, personal branding and FUN business planning, having worked as a coach and online marketing strategist for over 8 years I am positioned to help your business expand and grow.

Working with me as your Online Business Manager gives you a unique blend of strategy, input from an experienced marketer and business coach, the tech savvy and implementation of a great VA and the sounding board and support that you lack being a solo entrepreneur.

I believe that you already know more than you think you know and it’s my job to teach you cool new tools AND to draw out your innate wisdom. Together we will develop practical strategies to grow your business while also conquering that that never-ending to-do list!