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All through my twenties I figured “It doesn’t matter – I’ll have my shit sorted by the time I’m 30!”

Not sure how I thought I would have said shit sorted, when I was doing nothing at all about getting it sorted!!

And by shit – I’m mostly talking about money, financial stability and a home of my own.

Then suddenly, I am 31, I have a gorgeous 7 year old, two new children on the way, a loving and supportive partner – yet said shit is still a LONG way from sorted.

Despite my partner and I both earning decent money, we can’t seem to get out heads above water. We moved in my with my mum for a while to grab some breathing space, then I got really sick and we found out about the babies impending arrival. Thank god we had moved in with mum because I totally lost 3 or 4 months worth of income thanks to chronic morning sickness.

So now it’s been six months and we haven’t found that breath we were trying to catch – instead we’ve bought car seats, bassinets and thankfully i’ve had time to look after my health.

We are incredibly grateful for the goodness, love and abundance in our lives already!

But it’s time to stop struggling week to week. It’s time to take control and be proactive about our money, rather than dealing with each crisis as it arises.

Just getting by isn’t ok anymore.

I have SO much baggage when it comes to my relationship with money. I’ve never in my life been really lacking. I’ve never been worried about sleeping in my car or not being able to afford food – but, I’ve never had enough either. It’s always been about juggling overdue bills, making big sacrifices and counting every penny, every week (not in the fun positive way either!).

My partner has his own, very different story when it comes to money. As an adult he has always had more than enough, and no real responsibilities to worry about. He’s had nice cars, beautiful boats and always cash sitting in the bank account for a rainy day.

That doesn’t mean he has been smart with his money either.

We have plans now, we want to buy a house, we want to build a future for our growing family and we want to have freedom and space when it comes to our money situation.

Most of all we want to start making smarter money choices!

So, I intend to do all I can to ensure that 2017 is a year of ABUNDANCE for us, and not just in my business but also in my personal life. I want to share that journey with you, because I think too many of us busy business owners forget to look after ourselves!!

Today we have taken the first step to financial abundance by engaging the help of a Financial Planner.

We decided to work with Wealth Enhancers as they are a company founded by a young couple and are focusing their work on younger individuals, couples and families. And they do things a little differently than most Financial Planners. They have a gorgeous community  of Tall Poppies!

We are diving in!


It’s scary to add another bill to the pile when we are already struggling to keep up with it all – but we know we need help and we do not want to get ten years down the road and still be in the position we are in now.

I’m also going to document here as I go, the things I learn, the challenges we face and all the mindset stuff that I have no doubt will make a powerful appearance as we start to deal with this stuff.

I already have a list of what needs our attention but I’m glad we have professionals helping us make better decisions around our money so we can stop “getting by” and start “building wealth”.

Things I know we need to look at this year:

  • Superannuation
    • I NEED to start paying myself some out of my business. Have you thought about doing that?
    • Marc has at least six Super funds that we need to rolled into one and stop paying so many fees
  • Life Insurance – look at what we both have and make decisions around what we both need.
  • Income Protection – same as above.
  • Forced Savings – we want to buy or build in the next three years, yet we aren’t putting any money towards a deposit.
  • Budget – money comes in and goes out and neither of us could tell you where exactly (I would never run my business like this WHY do I run my life this way)
  • Long-term goals – I want to start making plans for the future, not just juggling last month’s overdue bills and worrying about what might be in the letter box tomorrow.

Do you have personal finance goals this year? How well do you manage your family money? Do you feel in control or do you bury your head in the sand over it all?