Online Business Manager

I am here to help you sort out the “business stuff” so you can focus on your art, creative talents and focus on the work you love most.

Empowering Women Through Education & Entrepreneurship


Online Business Management

Business planning, marketing strategy and hands-on implementation to take the stress out of running a business.

Fierce Conversations

Conversations about all the things it means to be a woman in the world today. From business to finance, motherhood, feminism, and more. 

Artful Business Events

Conferences, Retreats, Workshops and Meet-ups for passionate and creative entrepreneurs. Next #artfulbizcon in May 2019.

Do you have a creative business that needs some support, focus or encouragement?

Are you a solo entrepreneur trying to make a successful career working for yourself but just feel overwhelmed?

Are you ready to outsource the tasks that take you away from the work you really love, but don’t know where to start?

 I am here to help you sort out the “business stuff” so you can focus on your core skills and get back to doing work YOU are most passionate about.

I will help you review your processes, prioritise your to-do lists & actually take tasks off your plate – getting them DONE for you.

Business Solutions for the Creative Entrepreneurs


Online Business Management

Let me look after your day-to-day so you can get back to doing the work you love most.

Creative Business Coaching

Get tailored support to ensure you are taking the right actions to meet your goals.

Group Coaching & Programs

Actionable, authentic & affordable training & support for creative entrepreneurs.

Praise from past clients

This is my second time working with Elle as a VBM and I really appreciate her ability to help me prioritise what to focus on in my business, and then support me in actually getting it done.

She’s helped me to get emails out, blog posts up, and even taken care of creating course workbooks for me. I’m so grateful for the time and energy she frees up in my business. Tanja

Crystal Clarity Copywriting

I’ve had the pleasure of using Elle’s services for website support, design work and in a virtual assistant role. She has delivered every single time! I’ve love what she has created for me and I’m always impressed that she delvers often ahead of time.

I couldn’t be happier to recommend Elle’s services as I have done to many of my friends. Felicity O'Connor

Artist Coaching

Doing Elle’s Get Socially Scheduled course helped me get clear on how to manage my business facebook page posts. I learnt how to schedule and make life a lot easier.

Elle is sooo encouraging and helpful!

Totally recommend any workshop or course that she hosts! Nicole Bathurst

Naturally Nic

Latest from the Blog

Instagram for Business – Getting started

For those who don’t know about Instagram, it is a wonderful image-sharing tool that has a lot of people hooked. Like Twitter and Facebook, you follow people or businesses and their photographs (and videos) then show up in your feed as they are posted. Most people love...

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Setting meaningful goals by defining your ideal day

The reason I am so passionate about business planning is because I believe in the magic that happens when we commit our plans to paper. Even if you create a simple list of five things you want to achieve this year or this quarter, writing them down changes the energy...

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The Artful Business Podcast

This podcast is a series of interviews with creative, passionate and artful business owners from across Australia and sharing with you their insights, advice and a bit about their unique journey. If you want to be sure you don’t miss an episode jump on our mailing...

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Taking time off

Are you thinking about taking time off this festive season? Then let's talk about how to manage your website or store, as well as orders and social media, over the break and why not to turn off your online store whilst you are on leave. Think first about WHEN you...

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Success, failure and looking for a job – an update

I shared this story a few weeks ago with my Love Letter Subscribers - so if that's you, you might want to skip ahead to the update. I wasn't going to share it here at first because, well on the web seemed TOO public to go with it, but the amazing response from those...

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My Top Three Regular Reads

Many people believe PRINT is dead. To that I call bullshit! Yes, print media is a tough industry right now.  Having co-edited *bespoke* magazine for just over 12 months I know from first hand eperience that it is a difficult medium to work in. But there are some...

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Five Ways To Find Your Mojo

Finding it hard to get going in the morning? Do you have jobs that you know you need to do but you just aren't getting to? Are you feeling flat and uninspired? Sounds like you've lost your mojo! Cycles of low energy and little inspiration are natural, particularly for...

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Do you listen to podcasts?

I am working on an exciting new project that will be The Artful Business Podcast. The plan was to launch it in November but it will now go live November 4th! This is going to be a 25-45 min podcast, released weekly both here and on itunes. It is going to be an...

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Too many balls in the air

I love being a multi passionate creative and I am only happy when I am juggling several projects at once. But sometimes I get a bit carried away and end up with too many balls in the air at one time! This gets me all flustered and  stressed and I get to the point...

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Why my WHY isn’t all about my kids

First let me just say how excited I am that I can say KIDS! Ok so two are still cooking, but I love them already and can't wait to meet them early next year. I LOVE being a Mum. But being a Mum has never defined me and even when Aston was only a few weeks old I knew I...

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Five Big Takeaways from #arftulbizcon

Has it really only been three and half weeks since I was in a room with 90 amazing business ladies (and a few good men too) spending two days being inspired and learning about running a creative, passion driven business!? It feels like it was just yesterday and it...

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Are you diminishing yourself through the words you use?

Have you ever noticed  those small, sneaky words that we put in our spoken and written dialogue, that diminish what we are saying and discredit us as the smart, driven women we are. These words often seem like a harmless attempt to soften the impact, to help us come...

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