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Hi, I’m Elle – welcome to my new blog. I have been blogging for years but this is my first personal blog and it would be understatement to say “I’m terrified!”, but here goes anyway!

The last few years have been some of the most intense in my life. The lessons I’ve learnt, the people I have met and the ways I have changed are so many I could even begin to list them. So much wonder and excitement as well as some of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced.

The thing is I think this is just the beginning. I think the snowball is still at the top of the mountain and it has yet to pick up momentum.

This blog is going to be a place for me to document the journey. I will share stories that have helped me learn, grow and change for the better.  I will always share fun things, creative projects and whatever else tickles my fancy! Not for any really purpose other than to write.

I am learning and teaching so much about business over at Studio Exsto, and this site is for all the other stuff that doesn’t fit there.

All the stories I feel compelled to share with the world about money, food, parenting, working from home, losing faith, gluten free, superannuation, running, nutrition, books and life in general.

You can find me all the over the web but here is where you learn more about me than anywhere else.

I intend to be honest and unapologetic. This is where I will share my thoughts, opinions and views of the world. If no one listens I’m ok with that – this isn’t about making money or building a business, this isn’t even about having a impact. I am working on those things covered in other places.

This is just a story of my journey in search of my ideal life.

I know what I want my life to look like, how I see the best version of myself.

I am seeking more.

  • more learning
  • more freedom
  • more financial security
  • more time to work on the BIG projects
  • more meaning in the work that I do
  • more time to create beautiful things
  • more kids one day I hope but one is enough for now.

Despite my desperate desire to seek more I am everyday grateful for what I have. I am seeking more but I am determined to

stay grateful along the way

  • grateful for my child – who makes me laugh more than I knew possible
  • grateful for my mum and her support (though I don’t tell her enough)
  • grateful for my dad – I think is largely to blame for who I am
  • grateful for the love and support I recieve from all the people in my life
  • grateful for the freedom I have and the work that do – I love it
  • grateful that I live in a time when I can create a future for myself and my family on my own terms.

Do you seek more from life?

What are you grateful for?