Content Marketing Made Easy


Townsville Workshop

10AM Tuesday, 19 June

Do you plan out your content?

Are you strategic about how your content ties into your offers and promotions?

Would you want to learn more about content planning and how to leverage content that actually works for your business and brings you more sales?

Join me for two hours and I will talk you through developing a content strategy that aligns with your business goals, speaks to your ideal client and feels easy and fun to implement.

Tea, coffee & Nibbles included.

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Do you want to reach new customers and connect with your existing ones? Without feeling salesy all the time?

The key is Content Marketing.

By creating consistent on-brand and on-message content for your business you will engage your tribe in a new way.

You might already know this but you are struggling to come up with content that serves your business, you aren’t sure what to say and you never manage to actually hit PUBLISH.

This workshop will help you uncover exactly WHAT content you need to be creating, decide what form your content will take and teach you hacks to make it faster and easier to develop your content and get it out in the world.

This class is not only about how and what to share, but we will also look at how to tell your unique story and how to remain true to yourself and your values when marketing your business and products through your content.



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