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Just about all of us would have social media somewhere in the list of time-wasters. In fact I am guessing a lot of us put it at number one! It is one of those great time wasters because it is almost reasonable for us to be there. We know we need a Facebook page and we know they only work if we stay connected to them. But we all know that they are often just a trap for our precious time and social media can make the hours disappear in what feels like minutes.

My tip today is not about stream lining your social media, or even about setting time limits on yourself.

This post is simply about awareness.

I used spend hours and hours wondering from one social platform to the other, not really sure what was next on my to do list, or just not keen to tackle the item that was. You know the story;

Refresh emails, see if there are new Facebook notifications (if not wonder around the wall hoping something will catch your eye), open instagram, head over to twitter, then pinterest, then back to Facebook. Oh and now it’s been like 30 minutes so I really should hit the refresh button in my email program again right.

We have all been there! I still get trapped in it.

What I want you to do today is recognise the signs. As soon as you notice you have logged onto, or refreshed two or more social sites – STOP!

Stand up from your desk and do something different.

Maybe you just need to get yourself a snack or a glass of water. Maybe you have been at the computer so long you need a quick walk outside.

Whatever you do in the next ten – fifteen minutes is going to be more productive than getting trapped in the “Social Media Cycle” of procrastination.

When you come back to your desk, get on with the task at hand.

Now this is not to say that you can’t spend time on social media, and that it can sometimes be hours at time, but if you are meant to be working, if you want to be being productive you need to be aware of this time sucking cycle and learn to brake it as quickly as you can. Learning to recognise it, realising that it might be because you need a quick break, and making other choices for how to spend that break, allows you to get back to the task at hand, faster and with more focus.

Try it for a few days and let me know how you get on, had you ever noticed how often in happens in your day?