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Are you struggling with posting consistently and regularly on social media?

You have so much to give and share with the world! You have wisdom that needs to be shared with your audience and you already know Social Media is a powerful tool to help you grow your audience and build your community.

The problem is you do not know exactly what to share, when and on what platform.

It all becomes frustrating and gets dumped in the Too Hard Basket!


How would it feel to spend just 90 min to get your social media SORTED for the week ahead?!

This four-week intensive will help you plan-out your social media in such a way that consistently delivering your message will become easy and FUN!! It will get you Socially Scheduled!


Weekly Live Calls

Workshop ideas and learn more about how Social Media works, then actually DO the work, scheduling out your posts for the week and getting live feedback as you go.

Bonus Brainstorming Calls

Book the VIP option and get two 45 min bonus calls to ask ALL THE QUESTIONS, brainstorm strategy and discuss what YOUR business needs to boost engagement and growth.

Ready Made Templates

Each week you will receive resources and templates to help you schedule your posts out quicker and easier than ever before. Take the guess work out of your social media.

Pay per month – stay for just one round or for a few months – you decide!

Whatever you need to build the habits and learn the skills to get on top of your social media marketing

once and for all!

Based on what I learned in the December round (and I only made it to half the calls), I wrote all my Facebook page posts for January in a couple of hours one day, and then uploaded them along with images and scheduled them out in a couple of hours the next day.

So it’s January 6 today and I have ALL MY PRESCHEDULED FACEBOOK POSTS sorted through to February now. Plus, I have a much better idea of the different things I can post to my page spontaneously now, and I’m more comfortable sharing who I am as a person on my business page (which I never would have done before)

If you’re thinking of doing this course, I highly, highly recommend it.

Tanja Gardner

Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Why work with me?

I have been running and managing Social Media accounts for almost 10 years. At the same time I have been studying and working in traditional marketing and specialise in helping entrepreneurs sell themselves through stories and personal branding.

I work with clients to help them build consistent online brands as well as teach workshops that share up-to-date strategies for writing great posts, improving organic reach and show you how to build an engaged community through Social Media.

I am no GURU but I am a social media marketing junkie who loves to share the power of these tools with other dynamic, excited and capable entrepreneurs.

So many entrepreneurs complain about how they struggle to find the time to sit and write posts. Socially Scheduled is your answer to that. It is a commitment to you and your business.

This program gives you a safe space to ask all the “dumb questions” and know you are getting the answers from someone who has years of hands on experience. It will open up an incredible opportunity to you to spend one hour a week dedicated to building your online presence, knowing that you are working on the long-term success of your business.

If this sounds like something you have been missing in your business and you’re ready to up the ante with your social media, why not join me for a one month trial.


All sessions will be run via a Zoom Room. All the calls are recorded and shared with the group, so while you will get more out of the class by being there live, I understand life happens and if you can’t make it you will have access to the recording within 24hours.

Classes are Monday 9:30am AEST on the following dates.

  • Monday 11th September
  • Monday 18th September
  • Monday 25th September
  • Monday 2nd October


Socially Scheduled is a membership style program and you can choose to participate for as many months as you feel you need, but you are also welcome to leave at any time.

Doing Elle’s Get Socially Scheduled course helped me get clear on how to manage my business facebook page posts. I learnt how to schedule and make life a lot easier.

Elle is sooo encouraging and helpful!

Totally recommend any workshop or course that she hosts!

Nicole Bathurst‎

Naturally Nic

About Me

Elle Roberts, is known as a creativity coach and business mentor but in truth is a #CreativityChampion, massive believer in the collective power of people and a wicked business strategist. Communities are her thing – building them, growing them and nurturing them AND showing recognition for the valuable role of each and every member – she is a #CommunityVisionary.

Elle works with lady bosses to help them build businesses by their own design and to their own rules! She doesn’t want any woman to become a slave to their business, and believes instead it should be your vehicle to do what you love, be a part of something bigger and express all the amazing talents you have to offer, while making a sustainable income.

“People ask me about this “creativity” thing. What’s that all about? It’s about doing business your own way – tapping into your wisdom, your experience, your innovative self – and bringing that into your business.”

A BIG believer in authentic marketing, personal branding and FUN business planning, Elle works with her clients from a place of belief that you already know more than you think you know and it’s her job to teach you cool new shit AND to draw out your innate wisdom. She helps you build practical strategies to build and grow your business while also conquering that negative self-talk and other silly stuff you often let get in the way!