Today’s “Make more of your time” Tip is a simple one.

Often when we want to make improvements in our lives we over think things and set ourselves crazy big challenges that last only a few days before they becaome too hard to maintains.

realistic-clock--vintage_656949Start small. But do it with focus and intention.

Each day, simply, get out of bed ten minuets earlier.

If you wake up to kids each morning set your alarm for 20min before they usually get up. If you wake up to your alarm clock in time to get ready for your day, move it forward, by just 10 minuets or so.

Then use that extra ten minuets to do something that matters to you. If it is working on your business, writing or taking time to create, spend those precious moments doing the work that fulfils you.

It might not seem like a lot, but over the course of a year that is two whole days spent working on the important stuff that you didn’t have before.