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I have wanted a tattoo since I was about 16 but luckily I was smart enough to realise that while I thought a slutty fairy on my hip might fill me with joy at 16 I might not love it so much as I got older.

Around the middle of last year I finally decided on the design I wanted, and that I truly believe I would still be thrilled about in decades to come.

On my right foot, along the outside I want to have tattooed the words “I am enough”

Why this tattoo?

Brene Brown (serious inspirational speaker, author, genius) talks about how we are constantly told by the world, the media, our loved ones and ourselves that we are not smart enough, not funny enough, not rich enough etc. Inspired by her TED talk and motivated by images such as the ones below I wrote these simply words on my bathroom mirror and left them there for months back into 2012. It effected me so profoundly, seeing these words every day made me start to realise just how often I don’t feel like I am enough.




The thing I felt like I was falling short on changed all the time and I am sure you can relate – the simple act of reminding myself a few times a day that “I am enough” made me start to believe it myself. Words can be powerful!

When I decided to get this one powerful line tattooed to my foot I knew right away I would love it until the day I dead and that this small tattoo would have a positive effect on my life.

BUT. . .

I have been putting it off for over six months now for no other reason than I hear tattoos on your foot hurt like hell and I am a sook. I’m ok with pain I think but not knowing what sort of pain it would be I was scared I would get two letters in and not be able to keep going.

SO. . .

Only a couple short weeks ago I decided where I want to get another tattoo – this time more words, I believe just as powerful and I believe just as important a reminder – not on my foot! Win!

This time I wanted it on my arm! I don’t know if it was turning 28, the fun I had with friends and family over Christmas or the indecision I have felt around my work for the coming year but within one week of decided what I wanted for this, not on my boney foot tattoo I was booked in!

this week, this girl got inked!

This is only stage one – I have to get back next week for stage two where the amazing guy Aaron who did it will be putting swishy-watercoloury-colourness behind the words.

Here is the design plan for the colour.

So why this tattoo?

This is a french saying which literally means joy of living – in the sense of having an energy and joy for living life. I think it is beautiful and the thing I want most in life is to find joy and happiness.

This tattoo will act as a daily reminder to find joy in the everyday stuff of life. And I don’t think there is any age I will regret that, instead of will be always striving to live a life fitting to such a beautiful phrase.

Now I am excited to get the original foot tattoo asap! I have asked a friend to design it for me! I am so excited.

Do you have any tattoos?