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The last few years now I have been in December or January I choose three words to guide my intentions and direction for the year ahead.  I’ve been doing this since Chris Brogan introduced the practice to me in 2015 and I find it much more satisfying than trying to pick one word or writing a long list (or even a short list) of resolutions I know I won’t stick to.

I LOVE the exercise of playing with words, defining their meanings and coming up with sexy new words for the year ahead – but despite my best efforts to come up with new, fun words for 2018 – I keep coming back to three that are a bit less sexy.

Why aren’t my 2018 words sexy? Because they are the very same three as 2017.

I realised on reflection that these words did still guide my choice. I think 2017 would have been a bigger mess if I hadn’t been holding them in my thoughts as I went about my year.

I feel my work with these words is not done yet. I have more work to do to embody them in the way that I hoped. And despite wishing I fun new words to share, these three things, above all else, are what I wish to move closer towards in 2018.

The last 12 months has been incredible, stressful, full of love and loneliness, mixed up feelings of resentment and utter completeness! As I am sure most mums feel in the first 12 months of a new baby (or two) I have been exhausted and sleep deprived but also inspired and motivated.

And while I feel like I fell a long way short of where I hoped these words would take me (and life with twins turned out to be much harder than I expected) I am so grateful for these words for guiding me and keeping at least on track – even if i was moving at a snail pace (and often not at all).

The specifics of what I hope to achieve are slightly different and even though it seems boring of me, if I be honest – I am excited and energised at the thought of these words guiding my year.


I am so ready for more abundance in my business and life. I am also getting specific about my focus on financial abundance just year!

I am looking at ways to feel more expansive with my time and money and allow good things to come to me without fighting so hard.

Some of my business goals around this include:

  • Paying myself a wage from Artful and running that business at a net profit this year
  • Re-building a constant revenue with Elle Roberts and paying off all the business debt I have currently
  • Putting 5% of all Elle Roberts incomings into a PROFIT account

On a personal note the goals include:

  • Making more time for family that feels guilt-free and stop worrying about what I’m not doing work wise while with the family
  • Get our budget and savings plan back on track and stop worrying about money week-to-week
  •  Spend a weekend AWAY and OFFLINE with our new little family of five every two months



I am now running three business, I have three kids, I am on too many committees and have some passion projects I want to work on. It’s a lot – but it feels good. I do know, though, that to achieve the things I want to achieve this year each brand needs laser focus when it’s their turn.

Biz Goals:

  • Build strong consistency in the content delivery for Artful Business Community and The Worth Seekers
  • Stay focused on the single offering under my Elle Roberts brand, improve the marketing and delivery around that and do NOT get sidetracked with a million other ideas of what I could be offering
  • Plan ahead, batch and schedule my time better so I’m not always doing things in a panic at the last minute

Life Goals:

  • Complete some creative projects and not feel guilty about not working or cleaning the house
  • READ MORE – I want to read at least one book a month this year but the list of books I’d like to get through is longer than 12!
  • Get clear NOW on what learning/events etc I want to do and stick to the plan – don’t be swayed by the bright shiny objects along the way



It’s time double down on my core offerings, build routine into my family life, keep it simple, stop making things harder than they need to be. I also want to declutter my office and my house!

Biz Goals:

  • Stick with what ALREADY WORKS and stop starting new things all the time
  • Spend more time setting up my own systems and automation processes. I have been making progress with this but still build so much more simplification tools into my clients businesses than I do in my own.
  • Manage my money better, stop shuffling money around accounts, create better habits which will also mean less hours in my accounting system.

Life Goals:

  • Meal prep!! At the moment I am heading to the super market every other day to get food for dinner. Time to work out a meal plan, do a weekly shop and stop wasting so much time, money and food – lucky a friend is going to help me with this one.
  • Declutter our stuff! Organise our filing, books, clothes and STUFF that is making it hard to live in an organised way.
  • Build routine into our family life – I’m not great at this but I have been trying a few things out with Aston and he responds to it SO well. I also know I’m going to need as much routine as possible with the babies so I can running my biz around new borns.

Do you set intentions/words or resolutions for your year? I’d love to hear them if you do!

Wish me luck – it’s going to be a big and busy year – but it’s going to be amazing!