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Let me start this post by saying, for the longest time, I would cringe at all the business coaches posting about lifestyle choices, exercise and healthy eating.

That was until 2012, when some health problems forced me too change my diet and my lifestyle pretty much overnight. I was having migraines also every second day and almost weekly it was the kind of migraine that stops you doing anything other curl in a ball a cry for a day or two.

A friend was trying the Paleo Diet for her own health reasons and was seeing hugely positive results. And I was in such a bad place, I was willing to try anything!

Long story, short I learnt very quickly the connection between healthy living and running a business.

I am not here to tell you to eat better, run more or anything like that – because if you are anything like me that will just make you not want to do it more.

What I do want to share with you is my experience, and let you know


One thing I do try to do is have a green juice to start my day, as I write this I realise it has been a few days since I have done it. I’m not perfect at it.

The days where I do sit at my desk with a glass full of kale, apple, orange and ginger, I know I am going to have more focused and have a much more productive day. So I would like to encourage you to try. Maybe give it a go for a week two.

See if it makes a difference in your day.

If you need help getting started, have a look at my Green Juice Pin Board.

Do you have any simple tips to live a little healthier? If you do try green juices, or if they are already a part of your life, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.