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Today’s time tip is one that you don’t hear about often but that can save you HOURS of work time.

I want to challenge you today to take some time out of your busy work day to organise your computer files.

Last week I mentioned how sorting out your workspace can not only increase your productivity but also boost your mood and your creativity. Well the same thing is true for your computer.

If you are anything like you save files all over the place, and that means you spend hours looking for them next time you need them right?

Take the time to sort out and shape up your computers filing system and I promise you, you will save hours of your time each month.

I have  always been one for folders, but there was no rhyme or reason as to what got saved where. All of the work stuff just went in a big Studio Exsto folder. Some images were saved into an image folder, others under a Facebook folder and some just hung around on my desktop.

Sure, it feels like this is totally reasonable when you are getting things out in a rush, but it takes so long, and creates so much frustration when you are rushing again next time and the file you need is no where to be found.

Like keeping your desk clean and orderly, make it part of your weekly routine to tidy up the files that got put in the wrong place. This is one of those great, do it in front of the tv kind of jobs.

Another quick tip in the same vain is to create a folder of master files. Keep things like your logo design file, your branding style sheet, any email or product templates you refer to regularly on a weekly basis to make them easily accessible.

Do your computer files need a clean up?