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I love being a multi passionate creative and I am only happy when I am juggling several projects at once.

But sometimes I get a bit carried away and end up with too many balls in the air at one time!

This gets me all flustered and  stressed and I get to the point where I am not doing any of the work as well as I should be.

Too-many-balls-in-the-air-websiteCan you relate?

As much as being busy with varied work  keeps your creative spirit happy, you need to be able to recognise when you are nearing that state of overwhelm so you can do something about it.

There is always going to be too many ideas and not enough time.  I have blogged about it before here, so you have to learn to cut back when things get crazy.

Learning to say no

I have been financially stretched since running the Artful Business Conference this year and so I have been taking on jobs I would normally say no to. This is ok for the time being and sometimes we are forced to make decisions based on cash flow.  But I have made a commitment to myself that this will only be for a certain amount of time. I need to get back to saying no to the work I don’t want to be doing so I have the time and head space for the stuff I do want to be doing.

Saying no isn’t easy, but it allows you the space to say yes to the stuff that really matters.

Forgive yourself for dropping the ball

My website went live two days late and it still doesn’t have the resources section I want it to have. I was late submitting articles to a magazine recently and I totally missed an opportunity to advertise because I never got my advertisement to them in time.

I hate dropping the ball. I want to beat myself up for it, but what good does that do anyone?  If you have dropped the ball lately it is time to forgive yourself, move forward and take a look at what you need to do to lighten your load a little.

Hold off on the next project

Forgive yourself for waiting.

I have an exciting project in the works and although I wanted to launch it at the start of October (totally not realising the dates of school holidays) the launch never happened. The project is still coming but it I don’t know when.

That’s ok. It will get there when I have time and space for it.

All the good things don’t have to happen NOW.

Throw a few balls away

We are simply not super heroes and we can’t do everything so sometimes even the very best ideas need to be tossed away, or at least shelved for another day.

You are a creative genius and you are going to keep coming up with good ideas, but even if you have started running with a new idea you sometimes need to put that ball down so you can focus better on the others you already have in air.

That’s OK!

Do you get to a point of overwhelm and panic? Do you recognise it? This week I have a few decisions to make around which balls I keep in the air and which ones I let fall, or put away for another day.