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I recently did an interview with Lea Meyer from Lea Meyer Studios all about Facebook and how best to use it for business. I feel bad because Lea had to take the 1 hour, 20 minute chat we had and turn it into a more appropriate size audio.

I could have talked for hours more about the pros and cons, and challenges of marketing your business on Facebook. So for those of you who caught Lea’s chat these tips will go a little deeper, for those who didn’t you can check it out here.

Ok, so on with my tips;

1. Add your page details to your profile

If you spend time commenting, engaging and liking other business pages that’s great – they don’t call it social media for nothing. But, if you have no link from your personal profile to your business page it is hard for this time you’ve spent promoting your business on your personal or other Facebook pages/groups to convert into any more engagement back on your page because people just can’t find the link.

Here is a great post about how to make sure people can find your business from your personal profile – without jeopardising any of your privacy.

For those who like to “use Facebook as <insert your page name>” to comment and post on other business pages remember to leave your name at the end of your comment otherwise your posts often come across spammy and inauthentic.

2. Don’t be the only admin on your page

We all know how fickle Facebook can be with it’s rules, regulations etc. In this post I tell how to make sure you don’t lose access to your pages overnight.

3. Be yourself!

Lea and I talked a lot about what to share and how to know what works. It is something you need to work out for yourself so I would encourage you experiment and be yourself.

4. Be your BEST self

Even though I encourage you to be totally you, it is important to remember that this is all PUBLIC and you are using it to promote your business, so you need to be the professional, best version of you.

5. Don’t worry so much about growing your reach, focus first on growing your engagement

It is nice of course to have 1000s of fans, but especially now, with the changes Facebook has recently made it is much more important to have your fans engaged in what you are doing. Liking and commenting etc helps your posts reach a wider audience but it is also how you should be trying to connect with your audience anyway.

The more involved and connected you get your audience to become, the more loyalty you will be building with your audience.

6. Don’t jump into advertising

There is a lot of talk at the moment about ads on Facebook and how they might be a bit dodgy, as well as how unfair Facebook are being by making you pay to get people to see what you doing. I encourage you not to jump and spend money, because you certainly send a lot! Instead take the time to learn the platform, play around. If you are frustrated your only got 4 likes and 25 people saw your post, worry more about the 21 who had no engagement than the people who didn’t see it. Build that up and your reach will grow naturally.

7. Please include your website address or contact details

If the purpose of your Facebook page is to drive customers and traffic to website or online shop then you’ve gotta help them get there.

Make your website visible in the About section and link to it in your posts throughout the week. If you have multiple online homes – including your other social media links – make sure you list them them all in your details so customers can find what they are looking for without searching for lengthy periods of time – because they just won’t.

Make it easy for customers to ask you questions they may have about your products or services.

Make it easy for customers to find where to buy from you.

Make your contact details easy to find – it really does make your business appear more approachable.

8. Share relevant information

You might be super excited about Kim Kardashian’s baby or you think it is adorable that your cat sleeps in funny positions, or that your child’s funny face as cute as it may be should be shared with your business Facebook page. If you are trying to portray yourself as professional or trying to sell your products and services to the followers on your page, posting random irrelevant information is not going to give that impression.

With your Facebook page you want to make sure that if someone comes to your page they can quickly see by looking at the first 10 posts a clear representation of the industry you are in, the products/services you provide, and that you are knowledgeable in your industry – after all isn’t that the reason they liked your page in the first place?

That’s not to say never share a piece of your personality on your business page, we like to know who you are, just be aware of the relevance and the amount of personal details your are sharing. This leads me to my next point,

9. Make sure you share your offerings (product or service)

It amazes me how many pages I go to and I have to scroll for minutes before there is a post which is actually about the businesses own offerings. If you look at any of my pages you will see I love to share other people’s links, tips and images, but I make sure that I share MORE of my own stuff.

Also if I share a more personal, friendly type post; “Here is a picture of my office” or something like that it is either followed with a blog post link or a product link so it clear to any new comers to my page exactly what I do and what the focus of the page is.

10. Have fun, play and connect

Don’t try and own the platform in a day. Instead connect with people you admire, follow other businesses, both in your industry and in other areas. See what they do that you like. Notice the things that bother you.

Take time to USE the platform before you try and master it.

I hope these tips have been helpful, if you have any tips your could share with my readers please post them in the comments below.

If you want more help with using Facebook for your business check out my brand new, eCourse + workbook Facebook of Business 101.