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I’m not a very jealous person generally. I love my life, my work and for the most part I am pretty okay with me too.

But from time to time, and more lately, I feel that pang of spite and anger when I should be happy for someone else but instead feel incredibly jealous. How often do feel green with envy?


My natural reaction is then to feel guilty and beat myself up for it, but I got some amazing advice from a special lady a few years ago and I want to share it with you.

Jenn Lee is a creative entrepreneur, author of the amazing Right Brain Business Plan and a super fabulous human being to boot! She spoke at the Artful Business Conference back in 2012 and the one thing that has stuck most in my mind is the way she talked about switching your dialogue around jealousy and how to make it a good thing in your life.

Jenn tends to come across as a very calm, almost zen like, gentle soul so when she said she was a very jealous person I almost fell off my chair! You are WHAT now?!

But she went on to say she is ok with that because she doesn’t allow herself to stay angry. Instead she uses this feeling to fuel her passion and her drive forward.

“If I’m jealous of a friend for publishing a book, I obviously need to put focus into getting my book finished and published.”

It was one of the biggest light bulb moments of my life.

If you are jealous and angry for someone when you know you should be happy, what is it about what they have that you want? How can you work to make that happen for yourself? What steps can you take now to get closer to it?

Seems so simple right – and yet I found it so profound. I would just stay angry and look away! Now I reflect it back on myself. Why am I mad and what is it that I want?

It is so much more productive and useful, and it can be a seriously powerful motivator.

It’s ok to get jealous but don’t stay mad!

Stay focused!