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Why are we so shit at doing the things we know are good for us?

Exercise, eating right I can maybe see why it’s hard – we tell ourselves it is hard work and we enjoy being lazy and eating shit food.

But going to bed when we are dead tired – why do I fight that?

Why do I lay lifelessly on the couch, watching some crap on TV that I am not even enjoying and say over and over, to myself and out loud, “I should go to bed”.

Why do I cringe every morning at the idea of sitting on my yoga mat and taking a moment for me. Why do I fight with myself that I don’t have time and I don’t want to stretch today – even when I KNOW how good I feel afterwards.

I never really get to that point where exercise of any kind becomes easy, I love when I am doing it but I always have an internal argument with myself about how much I don’t want to go.


Why are so cruel to ourselves?

Why it is so hard to do the things we know are good for our bodies and our minds?

I wouldn’t treat another person in my life the way I treat myself.

And lately this has me totally bewildered.