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Why I Started Running a Conference

by | Mar 14, 2019

I want to tell you why I started running a conference.

I dreamed up the vision for Artful Business Conference when I was a broke single-mum who had just started out running her own business.

Despite my love of small business, the joy and freedom it gave me AND my background in marketing and business management – I found running a business I loved really challenged my self-worth, felt incredibly isolating and every single move was scary!

I saw the benefit of community and networking, but many of the places I looked for support didn’t understand micro-business or didn’t take me, working from my kitchen table, seriously as a business owner.

I found a lot of the advice and training about planning, capital, money management and marketing was geared towards a much bigger style of business, with big overheads and high risks. It was discouraging and depressing. I wanted to find MY PEOPLE.

I saw amazing, creative business events happening in America and around the world and I wanted that here in Australia.

I started the Artful Business Conference because I didn’t want to do it alone any more. I wanted to share advice that was meaningful to those with an inkling of an idea, to those whose start-up invest was $12 on a domain name and lots of hours of learning, building and launching.

I wanted to share stories with other women doing amazing things, big and small, while raising families, working jobs and building lives. I wanted to connect with people who decided to run a business to solve a problem, fulfil their creative desires and change the world.

Running a business is such a blessing

It gives women, especially, a freedom we might not otherwise know. It lets us hustle as hard as we like, but still be at the school assembly at 1:30 in the afternoon (why do they put assemblies on at such inconvenient times).

I wanted to find my people, but I wanted to help others find theirs too.

So, I started the Artful Business Conference!

Now, I am mum to three very busy, very loud children. My partner works away, I run 3 businesses, volunteer for 2 organisations and my eldest trains and plays soccer 5 or 6 days a week.

To say life is busy is an understatement. But most days I love it, chaos and all. I love watching these amazing young people grow, and learn and change.

I still love being a business owner. I love the clients I get to work with and the work I do. But maybe most of all, I love that I get to fit it in and around what’s best for my family.

I get to pursue my dreams, realise my ambition and still show up at school assembly when I need to (even when they put it on at crazy times).

Running a business is still hard and yet I know it’s the best thing for my family and me.

That’s what makes Artful Business Conference so special. It’s a chance to be in the room, learning how to run my business better, as well as connecting with inspiring amazing women who have crazy dreams just like I do.

The Artful Business Conference has been a GAMECHANGER for passionate entrepreneurs and self-employed creatives and makers just like you. But each event is also like a big family reunion, a coming together of friends and a place to make new ones.

It’s a room full of people who “GET IT”.

And when you’re running a business, feeling overwhelmed and maybe even like you’re losing your mind – that is simply the very best feeling in the world.