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First let me just say how excited I am that I can say KIDS! Ok so two are still cooking, but I love them already and can’t wait to meet them early next year.

I LOVE being a Mum. But being a Mum has never defined me and even when Aston was only a few weeks old I knew I would not be happy to build my life around being available to him all the time.

It’s never been a question for me that I also wanted to grow a business, build a name and a life for myself beyond that (albeit very important) role. But I did for many years feel an incredible amount of shame about wanting more.

We ladies are so hard on ourselves! I don’t feel any judgment towards women who choose to focus primarily on raising their children while they are young, nor do I judge those who choose to have busy lives outside the home and who juggle motherhood with big careers or building businesses – and yet I feared judgement for my own choices.

And sure some people do judge and share with you their disapproval but I have learnt the only people’s whose opinions matter are my partner and my kids! And those two men couldn’t be more supportive!!

Wow this is getting long! Sorry! But the point is the freedom to choose and be the kind of Mum I want to be is a big part of my Why. But sometimes that means choosing to prioritise my business over my child. Sometimes that means “yes we can go to the park, but no I won’t play with you – I need to work”

My family comes first! But not all the time! And FREEDOM to choose when and how is one of the biggest WHYS behind running my own business and why I’m so passionate to help others do the same!