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Some of you run artful and creative based businesses; there are designers, writers and artists among us. But in case you didn’t realise it, you are all creative people.

You simply can’t be an entrepreneur without also being creative.

In fact I honestly believe you can’t be a human being without being creative, but creativity means more than most people think.

Creativity isn’t just about putting paint on a canvas.

The definition of the word creativity is in fact: “The use of imagination or original thought to create something;”

Can you think of anything more original and inventive than starting a business?

Creativity is about problem solving; it is about thinking outside the lines and blazing your own trail. It is about knowing the rules and breaking them anyway. And it is a powerful tool in any business. If you have made it this far it means you have the tools to bring creativity to the table.

Learning how to tap into those creative forces can be a huge boost for your business. So if you are feeling you have hit a creative slump, or you haven’t thought of yourself as creative until now, here are a few ways to spark your creativity which will boost your business.

1. Own it  & recognise it

Know that you are creative and think of the ways, even the most unlikely, in which you already bring creativity to your work or your everyday life.

List out the problem solving you do during the day, the way you felt with that client to turn their complaint into praise, the way you cut your kid’s sandwich so you know he’ll eat it, or even the way you make hubby believe it was his idea to go away for the weekend. How you juggle your weekly plan so you can fit everything in or sneaking carrots into the spaghetti sauce are all easy you are being creative.

The fact is all of us are creative, but believing that you are a creative being will help you become even more so.

2. Have a dance party

Seriously! Turn the music up and move that booty. Letting your body move and shake on it’s own terms is a great way to boost the blood to your brain and get your creative juices flowing!

Florence and the Machine, Maroon Five or Mozart, it doesn’t matter. Music and movement combine to spark your creative senses in a big way.

I find an added bonus of a midday dance party is that you get a reminder of why working for yourself! Freedom!

3. Create – every day

Julia Cameron is an artist and author of “The Artists Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”. In her book she recommends an activity called “Morning Pages” where you set yourself the task of writing, pen to paper, three pages everyday. You can journal, write about not knowing what to write about or simply let your thoughts and ideas spill across the page. The trick is not to over think it but remember to do it everyday.

Julia explains that doing the exercise in the morning is important because it gets you thinking about the day ahead, prioritising, planning and dreaming rather than simply recounting the day that’s been.

Try this for a week or two and you will notice a powerful difference in how you go about your day and how creative you feel.

If writing doesn’t excite you find something that does and give yourself at least 10-15min everyday for creative play. It might be colouring in, crochet, playing in canva or moulding play-dough. The point is not what you do but just that you do it and make it a daily habit.

4. Write down all your ideas

Get a notebook and write down every idea. No matter how big or small, silly or outrageous, write it down.

If you are anything like me and the ideas come to you at night when you are trying to switch off for the day make sure you have the notebook and pen on your bedside table. You will be amazed at how many new ideas fill up the space once you get some of those thoughts you have been holding onto so tightly safely recorded in your notebook.

5. Get outside and away from the office

Simply taking a walk or going for a run and getting some fresh air can boost your endorphins. Even if you are busting to work to a deadline you will find ten minutes away from your desk and in a new environment will make you more productive and far more creative.

Take a guilt free brake and get up from your desk. I like to go outside barefoot as well, the connection with the earth is great but just the new sessions of the grass or the pebbles sparks my senses and in turn my creative thinking.

We are all creative

Many of us either deny our creativity or honestly believe we are simply not creative but I want you to know that is not true. It is merely a story you have been telling yourself.

It’s time to spark your creative flame and have even more fun in your business.

You are one fabulously creative being.